I now realise having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face, you kind of have to be committed.

Here is my story about the unconventional way of parenting.  Originally from San Francisco, but raising my son in the UK. Jobs other than Mum: Huff Post & Scary Mommy Contributor, Brand Ambassador Lansinoh Family, Digital Marketing Manager, Postgraduate Student, Wannabe Dancer, Host of #StayClassyMama and Beer Pong Player.

A little about my story….

Over a year ago today, this accidentally happened.

preggo test

I found myself caught between a white picket fence and an East London warehouse party. No longer could I walk around in my ‘advertising agency’ boots,  living in the moment, hoping from one party to the next. In the time it took for a blue line to appear, I realised it was time to grow up.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 14.51.50

What arrived 9 months later was not what I had expected.

I was overwhelmed with mixed feelings, fear and happiness. The moment I held my own child in my arms was profound. So, this is my version of “Knocked Up.” This blog comprises of mostly laughable moments and musings about motherhood. Luckily, in my new baby world the good times have kept on rolling, my boyfriend and I can still have fun and be excellent, responsible parents. See!

beer pong daddy

(yes, he is playing beer pong)


(…my boyfriend is Miley Cyrus and I am the wrecking ball…)

8 Reasons for the Mum Project

I am a new Mum.
I love all things digital.
I work in digital.
I want to connect with other Mums.
I want to help other Mums as best I can.
I want to record all of the amazing moments in my future Mum life.
I want to give my family in America a miniature hub that provides updates about my UK life.
I want to use this as a creative realm for all things Mum. But mostly, I hope my journey into motherhood will enhance my life, my family’s life and maybe even the other lives around me. : ) Enjoy!
Please feel free to contact me, even if its for a little chat (I’m quite bored on maternity leave)!


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