I have been wanting to write this post for a very long time.

I wanted to give this post a lot of thought because it really means a lot to me, these bloggers have touched me on a deep level at a time when I was not very confident, scared and somewhat lost. I started blogging right after my son was born last year, and these are the bloggers that helped me transition into motherhood. There are, of course, quite a few others I want to write about but I never have enough time! So stay tuned for a round two post. 

Nursery Whines

I absolutely love this blog. From the very first post I knew I would be addicted. She is sincere and her writing is stunning. She used to work as a showbiz journalist so I am not surprised that I am entertained by all of her posts. She is funny, in a brutally honest way, and I feel like if I met her I would instantly know she doesn’t take shit from anyone. With her more truthful posts, it feels as if I am reading my own thoughts. I can completely relate to her which has me returning to her blog every week. 

The Motherhub

This blog makes you think. PERIOD. I love reading Beth’s posts because they are all are thought-provoking, powerful and inspiring. She is truly feminist parenting, which I am in love with. I really like the way she describes it, “themotherhub is a parenting blog, yet not a parenting blog. It’s about all the different parts of you that make up being a mother, a woman.” And isn’t this what parenting is all about? I could not get more on board with her ideas than if you smacked me in the face and pushed me into the deep end ; ). She also touches on ASD and ADHD as her son was recently diagnosed with this and I support her in is raising awareness and helping other parents on this topic. 

The Squirmy Popple

Katie has made me laugh and cry in the same post. She speaks the truth and doesn’t have an agenda which makes me coming back for more. A lot of bloggers tell you how to live your life but Katie just tells it like it is. Her posts are very personable, I feel as if I am right there with her, I particularly like the post on How Crap TV Got Me Through the Newborn Days. Most of her writing is funny, but she does have a more serious side which leads me to believe she is genuine and kind, and has a sincere concern about the events going on around us. I also like that she is an expat like me : ). 

Pass the Prosecco Please

I was instantly drawn to Lisa’s blog, initially because of the name as I am a BIG fan of Prosecco, and drinking in general ; ), but also because she is hilarious. I love her sweary nature because this is what typically runs through my head most days. You would never know from her more humorous posts that Lisa has actually been through quite a lot of heartache. She is battling depression but she holds herself so well, I am impressed by her strength and ability to keep going even on the hard days and I wish I could be more like her. Please do check out her blog as I’m sure she will have you bursting in laughter!

Last but certainly not least, 


Bridie by the Sea

Bridge’s writing always impresses me. When I read her posts it feels as if she is an old friend I have known for years. She is also somebody that I have met in actual real life, and she was exactly how I pictured her – friendly, easy to talk to, happy, and smart. Her post on transitioning into motherhood really touched me, I remember I featured her on one of my first link parties (…sorry it’s in the video, I was still new to all of this linking)! She inspires me to take the time to be with my son, her Brighton Days Out in particular made me want to start my own weekly activity with Bear. Bridge is such a talented blogger, I fully support her decision to become a freelancer because I know she is going to exceed her goals. Her personality makes her blog unique and special and keeps me going back for more.! And of course Emma is cute too!

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