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Look at this little smiley face. How could you not smile back? It's hard to admit but I was not happy in this moment. I was tired, my boobs hurt, and my brain was fuzzy. The early days of parenting washed over me like a ginormous tidal wave. Unprepared and on waaaaaay too much coffee.  

I love photography, it can portray something completely different to what is actually happening in the moment. But I also love the way that it kind make you feel something. Sometimes happy, sometimes whimsical, other times sad.

Freezing a moment, or taking a photograph, can reveal how rich reality truly is. In this moment you can almost see the humanity, and when you revisit the moment it can feel completely different to how you were actually feeling at that time. It's so grey, literally and metaphorically.


Do you have a black and white photo that you love?

Share your story with us at The Mum Project. I'm starting a new guest series that is open to anyone and everyone who has ONE of the following:

  • A black and white photo with a story
  • A story that is metaphorically not black or white, it's a grey area
  • Just a black and white photo (because let's face it, most of us have very little time so if you just want to submit a photo I would love to share it with my community)

A few things before you get crackin': 

  1. You can use a previously published piece of content
  2. Please include the #NotEverythingIsBW badge at the bottom 
  3. Please send me the photo! (if you can make this as high res as possible that would be fab, everybody loves a crystal clear photo)
  4. A short description of your blog and social media links
  5. Your site logo
  6. Tweet the post and include @MumProject and #NotEverythingIsBW : )

I'm going to be tweeting/sharing the post through all of my social channels and publishing your post every Tuesday. I will also link the guest post to various linkies!

Please submit your post and/or images