Stay Classy Mama

Just this week I had a very classy moment…. This inspired me to write a few other classy moments since becoming a Mum (plus “how I felt” in gifs).  Hungover for the first time in 9 months, carrying a new baby, trying to make breakfast and dropping the entire carton of milk all over the kitchen floor…..…

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Stay Classy Link Party #1

  We all know life can be a bitch, but if you take a moment and look at it objectively, it is actually HILARIOUS. Eh Hrm…. Now that could have been really awkward, but I decided to laugh at it instead. As someone once said…. This inspired me to start a link party based on these…


My Truth: Becoming a Mother

For the past 8 weeks I’ve been trying to piece this new Mum life together in my head like a mystery waiting to be solved. It’s been tough, and to be honest, there have been times where I thought I don’t want this. My emotions and ideas about being a Mum are all over the place. I’m…


Masturbate or Die

As the weekend approaches and many of you Mums are gearing up for a passionate night of …….sleeping, I thought I’d discuss a fairly relevant topic. Masturbation. Due to a baby coming out of my body, I have not been able to have sex for the past 7 weeks. That is some sort of record in my book. Do…

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Shit New Mums Say

Transitioning into motherhood has been THE hardest thing I have ever done, so to have a little fun with it here is an ode to all of the things new Mums say in the first few weeks….      Facebook Comments