I Found a New Dream Driving Up the 101 #HiddenDrives

After reading the Hidden Drives eBook from Chill Insurance, which takes you through some of Ireland’s best drives including the Ring of Kerry and Castletown, I started to think about all the amazing drives I’ve experienced……. Take me hooome, country roads, to a place, I belong…… ……..California. Mountain mama.  Okay so it’s not West Virginia. But…

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Why I Failed Maternity Leave

Maternity leave. A time where – according to anyone who has never been on maternity leave – you have copious amounts of freedom and space to do whatever you please. A time where you, the mother, create a special bond with your lovely newborn because you decided to – for very unselfish reasons – create life and care…


The Big Question Mark Still Hangs

My role as “woman” has been accidental. I’m caring, I’m kind, I like connecting with people and being a part of a community. You could say these traits make me a woman, which have all come quite naturally to me……..I think.  In my relatively short time being a mum – although according to the bags under…


Live Without A Map

There are two levels: people who own things, and people who work for the people who own things. Management and labor. You have your average joe who works a corporate 9-5 office job and you have the tough, loyal construction worker. But we are now in an age where people no longer have to use the traditional route to…

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[My Sunday Photo] Dad Advice

@the_mum_project All ready to meet tha ladies at the wedding festivities. Dad has given him a few pick up lines, I’m not confident they’re going to help with his chat unless there is a girl out there that loves HTML coding type jokes, think he might struggle. 💻😎 #lookingdapper  Facebook Comments