Live Without A Map

There are two levels: people who own things, and people who work for the people who own things. Management and labor. You have your average joe who works a corporate 9-5 office job and you have the tough, loyal construction worker. But we are now in an age where people no longer have to use the traditional route to…

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[My Sunday Photo] Dad Advice

@the_mum_project All ready to meet tha ladies at the wedding festivities. Dad has given him a few pick up lines, I’m not confident they’re going to help with his chat unless there is a girl out there that loves HTML coding type jokes, think he might struggle. 💻😎 #lookingdapper  Facebook Comments


Bloggers That Have Inspired Me To Be Me

I have been wanting to write this post for a very long time. I wanted to give this post a lot of thought because it really means a lot to me, these bloggers have touched me on a deep level at a time when I was not very confident, scared and somewhat lost. I started blogging right after my…

butt clenching

My Butt Is Literally Clenching in Embarrassment

This is awkward. I’m normally quite modest, but I want to give it a shot so I’m going to ask you – the people who actually like reading my blog, I know there are soooome of you out there – if you wouldn’t mind taking a second and nominate me for the Reader’s Choice for BiBs2017…….please? Okay, as per…


Call Mobileholics Anonymous, I Am Addicted to My Phone

I seriously need to attend a Mobileholics Anonymous meeting, I am on my phone constantly. Tweeting. Liking. Posting. Ranting. Raving? Where does the line stop! However, on a slightly more positive note, I am very AWARE that I have this addiction. Not only does my boyfriend constantly nag me to “GET OFF YOUR PHONE,” but I…


Are You Qualified to Be a Parent?

Over the last month, I have been interviewing for other jobs (**update: I’ve been offered two jobs, both advertising agencies, and both much better than my current one!) and it has really made me think about my job as a mum, what would an employer ask me if I was going for the position of Parent? …