Inkwave, a new influencer marketing agency that connects influencers with brands is launching in 2018 and would like to get as many influencers (you!) on the platform before launch.

So, if you’re interested in paid opportunities with well-known brands, please sign up here or visit our website.


We wanted to start this company with the influencer in mind because we know how frustrating it can be; not getting paid on time (or at all) with unfair rates, receiving requests from brands asking you to change who you are and what you are about to try and shoe-horn the product into your content and having a list of campaigns that aren’t relevant to your brand. Inkwave is really about putting the influencer first and getting rid of all of the mess in between.

The founder has over eight years experience working in advertising and media, as Digital Director for a Global Advertising Agency she has made a lot of connections with brands such as Kellogg’s, Sky, Mr. Kipling, Mercedes, Molson Coors (beer brands like Carling, Coors Light), Bisto, MasterCard, etc) and a few of them are already excited about working with Inkwave!

The ambition for Inkwave is to put the influencer first with: 

  • Brands You Love: A selection of premium brands that are relevant to you.
  • Fresh Campaigns: Campaigns are updated daily to ensure you find the right product for your content.
  • Easy to Use: A unique, user-friendly platform.
  • Transparent: Creator costs negotiated upfront and guaranteed payment.


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