I feel like pregnancy has a bad rap. I’m either reading annoying pregnancy symptoms on baby websites or being asked, ‘how are you feeling today?’ like I have some kind of illness that needs to be monitored. I also have been struggling a bit so I thought I would do some reverse psychology on myself. SO, I’ve decided to write, from my experience, why pregnancy is actually super awesome. 

1. People are overly nice to you. 


They move out of the way when you’re walking down a street (even though I only take up a quarter of the side walk, people seem to think I need a lot of space). They say how nice you look, how you are ‘glowing’ even though you know you aren’t. They let you eat the last of the food left on the table (because it’s ‘for the baby’). ​

2. No more periods and bigger boobs!

Sexy time just got a little more fun! .. enough said.


3. ..and amazing orgasms!

Not sure what’s going on but they last ten times longer and hit you ten times harder! Yayer.


4. Your boyfriend massages you and makes you baths more frequently. 


Since becoming pregnant, I have noticed an increase in massages. Not just because I am asking for them ; ), but because he offers them to me more often. Thanks lovverrrrr!

5. You become more productive. 


Yep! MORE productive. This could just be me because I used to go out frequently before the bump, but I no longer have the distraction and the next day headache/vomiting/sickness of drinking. I wake up early and feel absolutely amazing! Who knew?! Not only do I not wake up feeling disgusting and guilty, I wake up and read a book, write in my blog, find new lifehacks like ’30 goals you should set yourself before turning 30,’ go to the gym.

6. You love going to the gym. 


Surprisingly I have been exercising more since becoming preggo. I go to two spin classes, one yoga class and use the cross trainer on in between days. All light to moderate exercise, which has made me realise it’s actually much more pleasurable than I always made it out to be. It’s not a chore anymore, it’s a way to feel more energetic and positive physically and mentally. I always feel so much happier after I leave the gym. Bear seems to like it too! He is more active at night time on the days that I exercise. It’s also a way of getting out all of that extra emotion you have during these 9 months!

7. Food tastes glorious. 


I’m not sure if it’s because I have a better sense of smell or that I am more hungry, but the bagel with peanut butter and honey I just ate was DELICIOUS. It’s almost like I’m eating a 5 star meal every time!

8. You become more ‘zen.’ 


I want to be calm so that the baby is calm. I have something more important than me to think about now. Worrying and stressing about when your next train is coming, vacuuming the living room, or whatever small worries you have that mean absolutely nothing. Those disappear! Oh yea…and probably because I’m not drinking anymore, no more anxiety two days later at work after going out until 6am on a Saturday night.

I’ve also started meditating every day to prepare for the birth (it’s a part of these birthing classes).
Honestly, before this, I always thought those hippies meditating on a mountain was a load of shit. I can say now, from the bottom of my heart, it actually makes me feel better. I am more calm, focused and alert every time. I think it just gives you a moment to yourself without your phone, laptop, TV, xBox, or any other kind of SCREEN! They’re gone. Just a moment to be you for once. 

9. You have a purpose.


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3 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Being Pregnant is Awesome”

  1. I have to say I totally agree with you on all accounts! Except on – I don’t go to the gym anymore… Booo 🙁 lol! I really should though – perhaps when me little girl is a little older at nursery I can have a hour or two at the gym. I think the best thing for me when I was pregnant was having no periods. It was like totally hassle free – I loved it! Thank you so much for linking up with us again. Love your fun post. x #FabFridayPost

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