Have you been following the election?

But seriously, have you really been following this. To catch you up, here are a few Trump quotes that may swing you onto the blue side.

“You’re disgusting.” 

Trump said this to the opposing lawyer during a court case when she asked for a medical break to pump breast milk for her three month old daughter.


He has now admitted that this was wrong and Obama is an American.

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.” 

How? Just how, can a candidate running for President say an incredably sexist comment like this? Would it make more of an impact if this was about african-americans or gay people? Oh wait, he’s done that too.

“I think the guy is lazy, and it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”

Trump was talking about one of his employees that works at a casino.

America is “going to hell” because the NFL defended an openly gay player.

Trump referring to the NFL fining a player that was criticising Michael Sam, football player for the Rams, for being gay.

“I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”


Need I say more?

….hold on, there is A LOT more….

“The point is, you can never be too greedy.”

Except when you are $16.4 trillion in debt.

trump dumb

“I was down there, and I watched our police and our firemen, down on 7-Eleven, down at the World Trade Center, right after it came down”

You know, 7/11, the convenience store in America where you buy red bull and Gatorade. 

“The only card she [Hillary Clinton] has is the woman’s card. She’s got nothing else to offer and frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card, and the beautiful thing is, women don’t like her.”

Oh right, the many, many, years experience in politics and the numerous things she has done for American citizens doesn’t mean anything. How about the fact she knows it’s called 9/11 and not 7/11?

Let’s put aside Trump’s “successful businesses” and “savvy networking” skills. He blatantly has offended women, gays, muslims and African-Americans. 

How can we let someone like this get so close to becoming the president of our country?

The latest poll (17 hours ago) has Hilary Clinton leading by only 2 points, 2 POINTS PEOPLE! (Washington Post-ABC News poll) .The poll’s margin of error is 4.5 percent, meaning the two candidates are virtually tied.

8 Million Americans living abroad.

As a whole we would be considered the 13th largest state in America

But only 12% vote during overseas presidential elections.

We can actually make a difference.

In the 2000 election, if the overseas votes hadn’t been delayed, Al Gore would have won the state of Florida. George W. Bush was only in the lead by 537-vote and due to the delayed ballots which didn’t arrive by the 26 November deadline, he won (America’s Overseas Voters: How They Could Decide the US Presidency in 2016, University of Oxford)

And in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes. That adds up to Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which are the states Trump is baiting for. I will tax any Ford cars that are sent to Mexico by 35%! American companies should only be in America. 

C’mon people will he really? The man who accused Barack Obama of not being an American citizen (and then had to admit he lied about it). With a wave of his hand he will magically double the tax. His so-called promises that will help the rich become richer are going to make him win, he’s making sense to a lot of Republicans out there. But we must not let him.

VOTE NOW online (it’s really easy, I did it very quickly),

And if this isn’t enough to get you to vote online, let me give you ONE more reason to not vote for Trump:

Watch this video, you will be excruciatingly amazed at the absolute ridiculously sexist and vulgar references he made about women, even worse than the quotes above:

And just to add a cherry on top, here a 3 very good reasons why Hilary is the best candidate:

She’s qualified

In her early days she was named one of the 100 most powerful lawyers. Followed by 40 years in public service, 8 years as first lady, 5 years as US Senator of New York, and besides the other 112 reasons, she is now serving as US Secretary of State.


She gets shit done and helps America. 
  • She championed the Global Health Initiative, which has helped lower infant and maternal mortality rates, improved medical facilities and reduced the spread of HIV. 
  • As first lady of Arkansas, she helped start Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. 
  • When Bill Clinton became president, Hillary was on the front lines working to ensure the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was the first bill he signed into law.
  • As U.S. senator from New York, she fought for paid leave. 
  • Hillary helped expand FMLA to wounded soldiers and their families
  • She has also been a champion for women’s health, equal pay and domestic violence. She fought for women’s right before it was cool “human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.” But at the same time, she knows child care, equal pay, and paid leave are fundamental economic issues—not just “women’s issues.” 


3. She believes our government should work for everyone, not just the people who are fortunate enough to be wealthy. She has said, “It’s outrageous that multi-millionaires and billionaires are allowed to play by a different set of rules than hardworking families, especially when it comes to paying their fair share of taxes.”

She wants to restore basic fairness to our tax code, close corporate and Wall Street tax loopholes and invest in America, simplify and cut taxes for small businesses so they can hire and grow, provide tax relief to working families from the rising costs they face and pay for ambitious investments in a fiscally responsible way.


To learn more about Hilary, click here

Haven’t you had enough of this insane candidate when we have a perfectly acceptable one standing right in front of us?


What really scares me is the Trump doesn’t even care about being shamed, which means when issues like abortion or paid family leave arise while he is present, he simply just won’t care and will do what he wants. He doesn’t care about our country or the people in it. 

“I wrote something today that was very salient, very important, probably not politically correct. But. I. Don’t. Care.” – Trump


So please vote now online, it was SUPER easy for me! 


You just register and Avaaz sends you the form to fill in and you mail it to your home state. 3 Simple Steps! If there is anything you could do to help our children’s future, it’s this. 

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37 thoughts on “Calling All Americans in England: It’s Easy to Vote!”

  1. Trump is a pervert (he is a man, so very likely lol) but Hillary Clinton really? She is one of the most corrupted politicians out there and she made big deals with middle east countries. They actually pay for her campaign. How about that for a women rights fighter when those countries hate women and they are treated like slaves? NO THANK YOU… Sorry, my personal opinion. Having said that, Hollande, the French president, is a dumbass… I didn’t vote for him… #StayClassyMama

  2. Trump is utterly vile isn’t he?? I can’t even imagine who is voting for him! It’s great that you can vote on line, I didn’t know that, and I hope that all americans in the UK take that opportunity! #stayclassymama

  3. Great that its so easy to vote if youre not in the States – I hope everyone does! Did you hear the latest this morning, he was talking about a ten year old girl and said ‘ill be dating her in ten years’. just beyond hideous. how has he even got this far? its just impossible to really talk about it at this stage because it is just so utterly awful and unbelievable. As a fellow citizen of the world – thanks for voting! #stayclassymama

  4. Thank you for this! I hope that it gets people involved and makes a difference. I’m terrified of raising my daughter in a world where this maniac could potentially be president #stayclassy

  5. Ugh this must be awful to watch your country’s election be turned in to an international circus freak show. I massively pity you. I think the rest of the world is scratching it’s head in disbelief. But saying that, I am aware that media in the U.S. can be pretty insular so I wonder if a lot of them are even aware of what the rest of the world thinks…or is that a mega patronising thing to say? I like Hilary and i *did* think the sun shined out of her you know what, but i’ve heard a heap of bad stuff about her too….. however i will draw the line and getting into to a debate about how equipped she is to run the U.S. because a) i really don’t know enough about her/U.S. politics b) compared to Trump ….. I mean there just IS no comparison. Fingers crossed for November! #StayClassyMama

  6. Jesus the man is the most terrible human being, how can people possibly consider voting for him???? Clinton is no saint but neither were many that preseeded her. That man cannot be in charge of the most power country on the planet, this simply cannot happen. America please vote and think about the future. What will it be like in 4 years time with him in charge (like going back in time about 100 years). My big sister and my 3 nieces live in the US, I fear for them with him in charge.
    Thanks for hosting and I hope this goes the way you want it to. xxx

  7. The thought of that awful excuse for a human being holding any kind of power makes me cold with dread. I really hope everyone votes! x #stayclassymama

  8. You’re right – getting American expats to vote is more important now than ever. I sent in my absentee ballot a few weeks ago and was pretty excited to be the first of my friends and family to vote. Trump is a ridiculous, offensive man who should be kept as far away from the White House as possible. Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect, but she’s not AN INSANE MUPPET. #imwithher #stayclassymama

  9. I am still in the camp that he might get in. I HOPE I am wrong but we saw PJ O’Rouke and he said that a vote for Trump is a vote by the small guy against the Government, and I think there’s enough of those people out there. They’re also voting for less forms, a 1 page 10% tax return and obviously an anti-Mexican/Muslim and whatever other race you hate…Scary times indeed.

  10. How on earth has this man even got this far in the election. It is astounding. Sadly, it is a reflection of people’s dislike of Clinton, plus a lot of fear, misinformation and anger over immigration, which seems to be a global problem (hello, brexit!) People are voting with hatred and anger instead of hope. Very sad indeed.

  11. I am so glad I am a South African living in the USA – I’m not allowed to vote… Makes it so much easier for me.. I guess i’m taking the easy way out.. But yes.. Firstly what a comical, dramatic and interesting “race” to follow.. Secondly.. In a perfect world.. Neither of them should be president.. (In my opinion) 🙂 but Hilary would is the better option.. #Globalblogging

  12. It is a serious joke! Like a TV show. I know British politics can be just as ridic, but I honestly can’t believe what I am seeing sometimes! #GlobalBlogging

  13. What an absolute and utter knob…I mean how did he even get this far in the election? I agree with previous comment that Hilary is not a great alternative, but she is the lesser of two evils i suppose… #Globalblogging

  14. Trump is a total embarrassment to American people and danger to the world thanks for hosting #globalblogging

  15. The only thing that scares me more than Trump’s blatant douchebaggery, is the fact that he is SO popular! Like HOW?!
    This voting link DEFINITELY needs to be made known far and wide for the relevant and eligible voters. #GlobalBlogging

  16. Clinton is certainly the lesser of two evils. The worry with Trump would be what damage he would do to international relations. Any stupid laws he tried to pass would surely not get passed with half his own party not supporting him.


  17. I’m just plain old British so I won’t be voting obviously but if I were I would be voting Hilary all the way. He is disgusting and there is no way I would ever want him to represent my country. I tend to side myself with more democratic views anyway as I just feel they’re more accepting and open to all of society and I am very much a pro choice kind of person. #GlobalBlogging

  18. As a South African living in the UK, I’ve always made the effort to go vote in the South African elections when we were allowed to. Even though we live in the UK, every vote does count and I always think to myself that your one vote could be the one that makes a difference. And if it’s as easy as being able to vote online then there’s no excuse not to! #GlobalBlogging

  19. I just cannot believe how far this man has got and it frightens me to think of him as the President, why do people keep forgetting all the horrible things he says. #GlobalBlogging

  20. I’ve just read this post out to my hub to be and we have got into such a lengthy discussion about how someone like this can even run for President. Hoping all American’s residing in the UK vote and make a difference. #globalblogging

  21. I have faith the AMerican people won’t vote Trump for president. Obviously the teap party contingent will vote for him, but the rest of the nation, I hope not. Good call to action though! Thanks for co-hoting #globalblogging linky.

  22. Everyone has their opinion, I think it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t even with Trump (I know I am being nice!), but especially with Hilary. The media really alters reality. I don’t know if Hilary is THE best but she sure is better than Trump, like I said, she’s QUALIFIED lol. ; )

  23. I constantly say “How the hell have we got to this point, where a TV host of the Apprentice is in the running to become one of the most powerful leaders in the world. I’m not American so it’s not really my call but I think this guy is a massive douchebag and i’m totally scared for the world if he gets in power. In the UK i’m pretty sure if a candidate had said these things then they would be asked to step down?
    Interesting post #GlobalBlogging

  24. I try to avoid the news as much as possible, but it’s not easy to escape the US campaign, even here in Australia. Keeping my fingers crossed for all Americans! #GlobalBlogging

  25. Oh may your voice go far and wide! I am so scared over here. Thank you for this brilliant post! I have spread it too. #ImWithHer and we need every vote we can! #GlobalBlogging

  26. Trump is such a vile individual! I think this vote could change the face of the world as we know it if the vote goes the wrong way. I’m English so obviously can’t vote but I definitely think all Americans overseas should get their votes in- and vote right too! Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink

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