June 10th, 2015

Dear Future Child,

I’m not sure if you are going to be a boy yet, but I found out I was pregnant with you about a month and a half ago. Sooooo I may have to start a new email address if you’re a girl, also I was thinking of the name Cody. To be specific, the day was 17th April, I was in the toliet at work. I was very nervous, scared and excited. I knew that I was going to have you.

Your Dad was so happy. He is the happiest man ever and I love him so much. He has been so supportive with everything in my life and you should feel lucky to have him as your Dad. I picked a good egg, super swanky mountain man! WOOP!

My belly is just starting to grow a little bigger which I’m excited about oh yeeeeaaaa! You’re growing! It’s so CRAY. I already love you to the moon.

What else can I tell you? Your G (this is what Grandma wants us to call her) is staying with your Dad and I right now. She is probably the coolest G out of all of your future friends’ parents. She probably won’t be as embarrassing to you as she was to me. I’m sure you won’t mind if she pulls up in a mustang convertible blasting Eminem (look this rapper up, he’s probably much better than whatever shite you’re listening to, : ) ) at your middle school in front of all of your friends. Oh wee G is such a mystery eh?

Okay it’s getting late!

Your Mum (not sure if you’re going to have an English accent or not yet? We might move to America later?)


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