July 21st, 2015

Dear Bear,

Hi. This is your future Mom.

I’ve been calling you Bear because a) you kick me a lot and b) your Dad reminds me of a mountain man and I think you might end up being some sort of Hunter or grizzly man. Oh yea, Hunter is the official name that I’m thinking of calling you …..or Cody. (Here’s a picture of your bear suit from a friend at work because I keep calling you bear…the penguin is wearing it for you until you pop out 😀)


I found out you are a boy today! Shock!…slash not a shock because I knew you were a boy the whole time. Ask your Dad, I told him from the beginning he will vouch for me……….. if he doesn’t I will give him a wee slap!

In a month we’ll be moving into the new flat with a massive garden (p.s. I think you are kicking right now but I’m not sure because it’s too early to tell….i.e. it could just be gas). In the garden we will most likely play beer pong or maybe when you’re five we can play apple juice pong? Although I really love where we are living right now, this will be a much better place as it’ll be closer to my work and there is a separate bedroom for you. I doubt you’ll complain too much as you won’t know what a house is for a few years.

What else? When I found out you were a boy all I could think about was you being a teenager trying to hook up with all these girls! Weird. So just in case I forget to tell you ….remember to respect woman and treat them with kindness. Okay that’s my lesson for the day.

Hmm also….when I found out you were a boy I pictured us (me, you and your Dad) in India or Bali on a beach somewhere laughing and hugging and being calm (you’re about 2 years old). Maybe this will happen?

Hope you have a nice day swimming around in your home aka my stomach! Shizzle out

Love love,
Meagan, Your Mum (it’s weird calling myself Mum haha…also still trying to figure out if I should be called Mom or Mum)

p.s. here’s a lovely pic of your Dad slash our announcement pic that ‘you’re a boy’ on Facebook (god I hope you don’t use Facebook as much as we do when you grow up). Standard cheesy pic below.


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