August 9th, 2015

Dear Bear,

Only 3 more months until I see your good lookin’ face and funk jazz dancin’ feet. Yup. I’m 27 weeks now. Bump update:


You have been kicking a lot. It’s mostly after I eat. At first it was around 4pm in the afternoon and 10pm at night (probably because I was laying down), but now it’s mostly whenever I eat and at night time when I’m in a relaxed position. Hopefully you are a quiet child because so far you have been kind of….ish. I’m trying to train you to sleep at night so when you come out I’ll be able to sleep 8 hours. I whisper to you…’it’s time to sleep boy!’ Then you fall asleep. haha. That does not happen.

We just moved into our new flat. You’re Dad is on his phone….he’s deciding what to do on his phone. He’s also eating a mint and now he’s checking Facebook. Lame. Side note: I secretly love that my face (or rather, my eye) is his background photo on his iPhone.

Bear, I am so excited to have you but I’m also very nervous, can you please be nice to me? I don’t know what I’m doing.

Oh yea, so we moved into the new flat. I’m going to miss our old one as it was quite big, but this one is more homey and has a room for you! Although you probably won’t sleep in the other room until you’re older, about 1, and at that point we might not be in this flat anymore haha, so jokes on me! You just kicked again!

​Love love
Meagan (Your Mum/Mom)

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