September 9th, 2015

Oh haaaay little one,

How are you doing in there? Yesterday I went to an advanced Pilates class thinking I would be fine. The instructor told me (half way through the class as she didn’t know I was pregnant) that I shouldn’t be doing most of the moves during pregnancy. I probably should have told her I’m pregnant before the class but I walked in late and didn’t want to interrupt. I’m sorry if I squished you a little bit. I think you’re fine but I won’t do it again. The instructor told me that I should be in the beginner class as it’s more “gentle.” Apparently I am some gentle flower that can’t be touched and has to be careful with every move I make now! Ha!

You were more active last night, probably because of the work out. You kicked 10 times within 5 minutes! Broke you’re record. Yeeeeee boiiii! Maybe you’ll be some sort of athlete? Maybe a ballerina even?? Billy Elliott style. I don’t really care I just want you to be happy.

Oh I’ve been much more emotional recently….aka I cried because your Dad consulted with me about a car seat for you. I’m actually in an “adult” relationship! ; ) lucky for you!

I’m on the train to Camden Market to see some friends so I have to go! Toodles

Listening to this song right now, just in case you’re interested later in life:

Love love,


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