September 23rd, 2015

Evening wee one,

You were just hiccuping! It was insane. Okay I’m over-exaggerating a little bit, but it was pretty strange / cool. Every one and half seconds I would feel a little bump in the bottom of my belly. Ha! Never thought I would experience anything like that in my life!

I went to hypo-birthing class on Sunday. Fun times! Crazy that THIS is what I do for fun now. Ha. Only a short few months ago I was dancing around naked in my friend’s living room at 3am to Michael Jackson’s Thriller (or was it? I can’t remember what song it was). I think you were bored during the hypno-birthing class, everyone’s voices were very mellow and we meditated, you didn’t move around too much. It’s kind of hippie but it’s probably best that I am ‘zen’ when you are entering the world.

Only 10 more weeks until I meet you. YES! Then I can finally feel like my normal self again (i.e. belly back, hormones back, drinking back?) AND we get to have loads of fun together AKA you sleeping and sucking on my nipple and giving me loads of cute faces that you don’t even know you’re making.

At my midwife appointment last week, they told me your head is already facing down and your feet are near my rib cage i.e. you are ready to go! And apparently you like chilling out on the right side of my body, maybe it’s more snuggly on that side?

Can you please me nice to me when you come out? I don’t know what I’m doing but I promise to try my best. : ) K thanks!


Mum / Mom

Music update: I’m listening to Little Simz right now, UK female rapper

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