September 26th, 2015

Good evening sir King of the North,

Yes, I’m watching Game of Thrones. I’m not quite fully “involved” with the show yet. It’s not an easy watch. You can’t be on Twitter or shopping online when the show is on or else you have to have someone explain it to you. So far, your Dad has had to take an extra 10 minutes at the end of every episode to explain to me what happened…… ; ) and an extra 5 mins here and there for good measure.

I am officially a student at Kingston University. I started my course yesterday. I’m doing a Masters degree in Behavioral Decision Science. This basically means I will always know what you are thinking so don’t try and put anything past me! I am still working full time, so I am technically a part-time student and will finish June 2017, when you are almost a year and a half!

I am probably a bit nuts for a.) starting a new job 6 months pregnant, b.) doing a masters degree and c.) having you …all at the same time. But if you learn anything from me, just remember IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, GO GET IT. PERIOD. (quote from the film The Pursuit of Happiness, definitely try and watch this later).

Love you. Can’t wait to see your cute face! I’ve been doing a Rainbow Relaxation every night to prepare for your arrival. Basically I am learning how to r-e-l-a-x. It seems so basic yet so difficult at the same time. Your Dad sometimes does them with me as well. I think he secretly loves it, even when the lady on the recording says “….imagine a pink, healthy baby descending down your uterus.”

Really…I can’t wait to get you out of my oven because I’m waddling all over the place!



p.s. Here is a pic of your Dad trying to figure out how to put your stroller (pram) together… you can see, it’s very complicated


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