October 15th, 2015

Hi Hudson,

Sorry if we don’t end up calling you Hudson, but for now, I’m 85% certain we are calling you this. Your Dad is in Scotland right now, sad times. Well not that sad, I get the TV to myself which means GREY’S ANATOMY tiiiiimee, HOLLLLAAA at a playa! (yes, your Mom is a nerd)

I’m now 32 weeks and we are almost done with Hypnobirthing classes, I know you love them because every time we meditate you start kicking….or maybe you actually hate it? Not sure, I can’t really decipher your annoyance from happiness right now…..probably because you don’t have these kind of emotions yet. : ) …..Okay, I just paused from this letter and went on a 20min google carpet ride and found that you are not able to experience emotions. When looking at fetal expressions they can see a grimace versus a smile. ‘We can see the expressions which we can recognise; we can’t say whether the foetus has emotion. They don’t have the cognition necessary to have the emotions.’ said Nadja Reissland, senior lecturer at the University of Durham.

Here’s another interesting article, ‘When does consciousness arise in human babies?’ Apparently, you developed consciousness when you were 28 weeks in the womb. Hmm, what was I doing around that time? I think I was hosting a dinner in our shed in the garden…sorry it couldn’t have been somewhere better! Hopefully you learned a few things about DIY and I believe we we’re playing a drinking game (of course I was drinking water), but you are going to be pro at beer pong, I can feel it!

Love love,
Mom (I’ve decided I’m not going to call myself Mum because it doesn’t feel right and you are half American so deal with it)

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