November 8th, 2015
Dear Bear,

You are growing SO much! 4 weeks left until you are here AAHHH (this is an excited ‘AAH,’ I’m so ready for you to come out now, totally over the pregnancy bit). I’m barely able to see my feet and it is now somewhat difficult to stand up from the couch. I actually feel quite large, but in a “it’s okay that I’m fat because there is a 5lb baby inside of me” kind of way.

Your Dad says, “I’m really excited about finding out what you look like and being able to play with the LEGO that he saw at Sainsbury’s because secretly I just want to play with LEGO.” He also said, “I’m happy that I’m learning to cook because your Mum is rubbish and I’ll be able to actually cook you a meal.”

It’s true. I am terrible at cooking, mostly because I hate it. It’s so boring, you have to stand there, bend down to get pots out, chop up food, heat water, whatever else you do and all I really want to do is EAT IT. I’m too impatient for it. HOWEVER, I am considering taking a few cooking classes after you are born so that I’m not feeding you pasta every night (AKA my meal of choice in college). Maybe we can take cooking classes together when you’re older? I think this would motivate me to be better at cooking.

Your grandparents brought up a bunch of baby stuff and Christmas decorations. We finally have a crib (cot), bouncy chair, bath tub, new furniture, and a cute first Christmas outfit. I just put up the Christmas tree (yes, it’s the 8th November) and lights! Your Dad was embarrassed because the people outside our window we’re smiling at us, smiling as in, ‘you weirdos, it was just Halloween, calm down now.’ I don’t care, you only get to have twinkly lights up once a year, might as well take advantage of the joy and happiness they bring! (Picture of the tree below)

I am so ready for you to be here already. I’m over being pregnant, it’s boring and the last few weeks have been more difficult because I’m fat. : ) Can’t wait to see you!



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