Welcome to the world Bear!

Yes that is officially your name. You are now 1 week old and I am currently lying in bed with you. You just finished breastfeeding…..wait….not sure if you’re done yet……hearing more noises and grunts. You loooooooove milk. I’ve been calling you the milk monster because you start growling and waving your hands around and sucking on your fist when you want milk ….which is 90% of the time!

I’m so happy you finally arrived, I was getting worried you were never going to come, I was 42 weeks pregnant with you when you finally made your debut on Dec 23 at 4.34pm weighing 7lbs and 9oz. When they handed you to me for the first time, it was so surreal. I felt like I was dreaming, it was the happiest and craziest moment of my life. I didn’t realize how strong I was until that moment. I instantly loved you and started worrying about you the second you were born. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it right now.

The midwife said you are really healthy, you already gained back your birth weight in 5 days (they said it normally takes 10 days). Probably all the milk you’ve been drinking! Anyway I’m very tired but wanted to send a quick update in the midst of these early days and sleepless nights, I love you even though I’m utterly exhausted. : )


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