I’m at the end of my rope. I can’t take the night wakings anymore, it’s at least 2 wakings and at most 7 wakings, and an early 7:30am start at work. Sometimes I look at my photos and think, “Damn I look like I have been punched in the face!Bags galore. I want my brain and body back ASAP.

I was in Mothercare yesterday looking at car seats for the sleep monster and something caught my eye, a shiny, white mirror with pretty red flowers surrounding the glass, and inside of it I was shocked to see….. an OLD LADY. Literally where has my youth gone? I’m in my 20’s but the baby has given me at least five more wrinkles, on top of the two I already had. They are small but I SEE THEM. I see them gooooood.

On top of this, research has found that lack of sleep makes you depressed and old. If someone had told me about the sleep I would be having now prior to getting pregnant I wouldn’t have believed them. I would have cast them aside as a weirdo or even worse, a bad mum. But the struggle is real. So real in fact that I have tried every single thing known to man to get this baby to sleep. I thought my life was over. Goodbye face. Goodbye friends. Goodbye intelligent conversations (mmm okay maybe this wasn’t a thing). 

…..but wait….

did I hear you say sleeeeeeeeep trainer? What, just what is this? Speak slowly please ……my brain…. is not….. functioning.  

OH it’s just this glorious, magical lady that consults you (consoles you) about your child’s eat/sleep/play behaviours and slowly but surely…..the child sleeps. Through the whole night. Yes. I said that right. Through. The. Whole. Night. (well hopefully, she has a 100% success rate so I’m fairly confident)

NO way. 


So I have dived into the deep end and I’m now paying a professional to help me get some normal sleep. It’s been 9 months and I work full-time with a 6am start. I deserve this.

Through my “sleep journey” (who’d ever think I would be using that phrase?) I’m going to update the blog about the various stages.   I am on Day 2 right now and so far it’s going okay. 

The first stage is working on the day time behaviours, napping and food. Trying to wean the little bugger off milk before naps/bed to prevent the scream demons. Somehow my boyfriend and I have created this bad habit of feeding him milk whenever he cries? Not sure how that started. OH YEA (..there you are brain..) he used to want to feed for every two hours and the boob made him be quiet. 

Anyway, besides our terrible parenting, I am very happy with how the day time training is going. This magical sleep lady, Hannah Love, is very supportive and VERY knowledgable. I have asked her ten thousand questions already. Questions like how many hours are babies supposed to be awake for between naps? What is the optimum time to put a baby to bed? Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera, I’m not going to bore you with my dumb questions. 

I will tell you though that Bear is going to bed without any fuss at our 7pm bed time. We have a really good routine going for us now. 

Hudson sleeping

And for the first time EVER, I cooked a whole hearted healthy meal. Chicken casserole! I am now officially a Mother. Hello. 

We also give him finger food at every meal so he learns how to feed himself, because one day in the future, this will all get easier and he will eat, poop and sleep by himself!

hudson eating

Hannah has some amazing recommendations for easy recipes for crap mums that don’t cook ever. She also has recipes for good mums too. She basically has a plethora of information about children due to her 15 years of experience.

This casserole has lasted me three days which has made me feel less stressed. I always freak out after work because I have ZERO time to make anything for Bear and normally just buy an Ella’s pack or just feed him milk. Apparently though Ella’s, or any of the packaged baby food, does not have very many calories. It does not fill the baby UP. So this casserole has made me life so much easier and thus, HAPPIER!

It’s only early doors and we have a long way to go, but I am feeling confident about the process. I’ll have my next update in a few days, watch this space.

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75 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Sleep?”

  1. oh I hear you! Grey hairs, wrinkles, black bags under the eyes. This no sleep lark is tough. I know it doesnt help, but it really does get easier but lets hope with sleep training it gets eaiser reallllll soon for you

  2. Good luck! I remember how hard it was to get through those no-sleeping days. Some days I literally thought I was just going to fall over from exhaustion. The Popple decided she was ready to sleep at 12 months when all of our old tricks (boobing, picking her up, letting her pull my hair) stopped working. She cried for a few nights, and then BAM. Sleep. She still wakes up occasionally when she’s sick, but otherwise she’s pretty much got it down. The Bear will get there, I promise. #bigpinklink

  3. She’s worth every penny! I love food that lasts for days – those sorts of meals rock! Fingers crossed things keep getting better – you definitely need your sleep – sleep deprivation literally sucks. Alison x #AnythingGoes

  4. Oh my goodness I am so excited for you and seriously well done for seeking help. Just sometimes we need someone to take a good look at what we are doing and give us some unbiased advice – sounds like you are going to get that gorgeous much needed sleep really soon my lovely – oh and more gorgeous dinners too xx

  5. My boys are good sleepers but they insist on getting up at 5am… nooooo. I wish they could just give me that extra hour. And as for anything in the 4-5am range… they can take a hike! Good luck with the training! #AnythingGoes

  6. Ooh I will be interested to see how this works for you (although it already sounds like it is working). I’m through the worst of it now (thank God) as Siena is three and sleeps well, apart from the early wake-ups which I try and put a positive spin on by appreciating that I have more hours in the day. What I can tell you is that it does get better, but at the time it feels like hell and that you will never sleep again! My eldest was a terrible sleeper and we finally got to the point where she slept in at the weekends, it was bliss. And then I found out I was pregnant again. Good luck!!


  7. This sounds amazing! My youngest child didn’t sleep because he was lactose intolerant and it wasn’t diagnosed until he was 4 1/2 months so I just assumed I was a rubbish mum. I have two older ones: the first didn’t sleep because she was spoiled and I had to put my foot down. The second was an epic sleeper and I cooked every meal from scratch and even batch cooked on a Sunday to make sure we had a hearty meal all week. He slept 8 hours from being 3 months old and 13 hours from being 7 months old. No complaints at all! I had to be careful with my youngest because of his lactose intolerance but we adapted and it was easier again to make food. He is five now and obviously into a routine although he still has the occasional poor sleep. This is a great post and I can’t wait to see how you progress – so far, so good! Good luck! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes Janet

  8. Feel your pain. Same situation, didn’t sleep through til 22 months…I’m not sure my brain has ever recovered…good luck with the trainer! xx

  9. I’m remembering my own sleep-deprived months with my own children and I’m shuddering. It’s tough! Glad you are getting some great advice and I laughed out loud when you talked about recipes for both crap moms and good ones. : )

  10. We had a sleep professional come in and help us with our Big, Luka. She ran from thehouse 4 days later screaming that we were her most difficult case! Not something we yearned for, to be at the top of the heap of sleeplessness, but an honor we had nontheless. I wish you all restful nights and beautiful days. I’m still tired, and the kids are 8.5 and 6. I suppose there will be plenty of time for sleep, some other time… #BigPinkLink

  11. Totally relating to this! Baba was fine before his heart operation. All good, sleeping through the night and all. Happy mama! But I don’t know why, the visit at the hospital fucked it all up… He is now again sleeping through the night but it took me 3 weeks and a lot of sleepless nights to achieve this. I am not talking too loud here. He might hear me and decide to start waking up at night again!!!! Is your baby a milk comforter? Bingo! Baba too… It was so easy to get him quiet when he was having his food… Oh well, a friend told me once ‘Bad habits are made to be changed at some point. DOn’t worry too much about this’ SO far, I am very good at following her advice! LOL Good luck and let us know all the secrets of this guru you paid! I might need some of her tips!!! #StayClassyMama

  12. Oh darling, I’m there right now and it sucks. My almost 3 year old was an amazing sleeper as a baby but once he became a toddler it all went out the window. Currently, we’re dealing with 4-5 wake ups a night. Not great when I have to be up at 5am for work. I feel your pain. Apparently it gets better. #stayclasy

  13. Oh god I sympathise! I look at photos from 4 years ago, before I had my youngest three, and I look about ten years younger! I’ve developed the most horrific crows feet, frown lines and a full on grey streak! I’m spending an absolute fortune in eye creams and hairdresser appointments and I still look rough as hell! I so hope the sleep trainer works for you, it gets to a point where you’ll do anything, I’d even remortgage the house for a good nights sleep! #stayclassymama

  14. I don’t even recognise myself anymore. It’s awful. And everything seems so much worse when you aren’t getting enough sleep. The whole business is entirely unfair sometimes. Hope you’re enjoying your zzz’s these days! 🙂 #stayclassymamma

  15. I think it’s only when we become parents that we realise that sleep deprivation is the most effective form of torture! I’m so glad for you that you seem to have found a solution. It sounds great! Good luck xx #BestandWorst

  16. It’s working so far so we’ll see how I am in a couple weeks : ) Laura I’ve said this a thousand times but you’re my hero I don’t know how you actually do it!

  17. Oh my, you’ve got me worried now. My 5 month old is still waking twice a night for milk and he guzzles it down. I’m hoping it’ll be easier when I start weaning him next month as I put it down to hunger but I’ve recently just started giving him a dream feed to stop me having to get up again just 1-2 hours after going to bed (that’s the WORST time for me). I worry I’m going to force a new habit on to him though that will set me up for problems later.

    Also, I say a photo of myself from this time last year, when my daughter was almost a year old (yes, I have two under two and both wake in the night!) I looked human. I even thought I looked quite pretty. That’s the power of sleep! And a good diet. I need both! And maybe I’ll be calling your sleep trainer in the not too distant future. #stayclassymama

  18. So glad you found some help, There is nothing more horrid than to get no sleep. Hopefully Bear will now get into a routine and let mummy and daddy have some well deserved zzzzzzzz #stayclassy

  19. Oh lovely – lots of love. We are suffering too as Emma still does not sleep through the night, though she’s had a fairly consistent bedtime routine since 5 months. It doesn’t make sense! But this one is also addicted to milky times and I think she eats less during the day because she drinks so much milk at night….ah that vicious circle. You’ll have to update me on the sleep trainer as that sounds awesome! #bigpinklink #stayclassymama

  20. Oh God Hun I had no idea you were being woken up so many times. I’m possibly the worst human being on the planet when I don’t get enough sleep. Really HORRENDOUS! My first slept through at 3 months, my second at 10 months and the third…wait for it…typical 3rd child syndrome the poor child…her mother doesn’t remember! I think I blocked it out it took so effing long. So glad you’ve found some help and there is light at the end of the tunnel. And now do you see why I’m so obsessed with those dark circles under my eyes? It’s hard seeing your face fall apart lol (except in fairness mine are self-inflicted!) #stayclassymama

  21. Oh lovely I know what you mean – sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and cant believe my eyes!! Sleep (or lack of it) has a lot to answer for! #stayclassy

  22. Ah lucky first one, can’t believe you have three? Like for REALS how is this happening? Haha I totally get the dark circles now

  23. Its great that you now have a routine, hopefully you wont go full circle and be pulling your hair out trying to get him out of bed for school when all he wants to do is sleep but you have a while before the teen years!

  24. How is the sleep training going? Does she use CIO or a gentle method? I also give my daughter boob for her bed time sleeps so may find myself in your shoes in a few
    Months time! #GlobalBlogging

  25. Well done you for being able to admit you were at the peak of what you could cope with and asking for help. I really struggle with doing that! Good luck with it all. I think it is so easy to start habits, such as the milk, without realising it. I don’t believe everything we do is ‘making a rod for our own back’ but sometimes these things do become the norm just because we were too tired to see it happening. Anything for an easy life with a 6am start! You definitely deserve for this to work.

  26. I used to say I could understand why sleep deprivation was a form of torture. Because it is torture! I wish you continued uninterrupted sleep and little bits longer of it…#globalblogging

  27. I can totally relate to the “bags galore” comment. My Little One is so irregular when it comes to sleep. Sometimes he sleeps okay but then every now and then he decides he no longer needs any sleep and neither does Mummy. Your sleep trainer sounds great! #globalblogging

  28. Very much looking forward to seeing how you progress with this! It’s amazing what a bit of sleep and a cassarole can do! #globalblogging

  29. I feel your pain, I too have a little one that enjoys the frequent night wakings. Haven’t considered sleep training as I do not agree with cry it out or the likes, but this Hannah love sounds like she is all about a gentler approach. I’ll be curious to follow how it works for your family 🙂


  30. Before parenthood if someone told me they were paying someone to teach them to get their kid to sleep I’d be telling them to have a quiet word with themselves, however, experiencing a lack of sleep and knowing how depressed it made me I’d give an organ to get such help.
    It seems like you’re making progress which even if it makes your daytime routine better it’s still a help!
    I didn’t know Ella’s kitchen wasn’t nutritional? Ben likes them and it appears to work for him but it may be the routine rather than the food itself?

  31. I’ve to the same problem. To the point where I’m also thinking of getting in a professional. My son thinks daytime is for play and nighttime is for eating. Today he had TWO bottles between 10am and 6pm. He’s six months and not weaning well, so it’s not like he’s full. I’d love to know how it’s going for you a few weeks in? #GlobalBlogging

  32. No she uses a gentle method, she basically goes through the nutrition and his sleeps not just at night but during the day and getting into a bed time routine where you have sleep triggers. It is working! He has been sleeping through the night for two weeks now, I’m going to write another post this week : ).

  33. You need one of these sleep magicians! My son has been sleeping through the night the last two weeks!

  34. I feel exactly the same! I had no idea this profession even existed lol. My son has been sleeping through the night for two weeks now I’m sooooo happy it’s finally working, I’m writing a post about it this week : )

  35. My son is 9 months and doesn’t sleep through, although I’m ok with it because I’m not back at work. He goes to sleep around 7.30/8 and wakes around 12-1 and then again at about 5.30 before waking for the day at around 8. It’s bearable but I have thought about getting a professional in on the nights he’s been up more frequently! #globalblogging

  36. Sleep raining with Aspe was the best thing I EVER did, love her but oh she was killing me! Now all 3 of mine are older and here I am at midnight on my blog, oh silly mummy I am! Good luck! #globalblogging

  37. I know how you feel. I’m 35 but since becoming a mother I have noticed that I look like I’m frowning constantly and no amount of foundation will sit on my skin!! Looking forward to seeing your sleep trainer update. #GlobalBlogging

  38. Oh, yes, never ending battle of sleeping routine. It passes. Really. Since you have proffessional help it might pass quicker and easier, but in every case it passes. Kids do start sleeping trough the night, you do get your 7-hour beauty sleep and guess what – this exhaustion you feel and see right now – it will dissapear and you will look younger again (well maybe not younger but def more fresh;)

  39. Hahahaha, I love your open and honest descriptions of motherhood “crap mum”, “terrible parenting” etc. I didn’t know you get sleep trainers. There really is so much out there if you’re looking for help with things. #globalblogging

  40. I need that training ! I look like totally shit:D My boy is waking up for feeding once during night but sometimes he is waking up because he can’t find his friend soother and mu husband is always sleeping he is like deaf person at night:D

  41. Very interested to hear how you get on with the sleep trainer and as I am currently finding it very difficult to get my baby to sleep without putting him on the boob or walking around until he falls asleep in my arms. #GlobalBlogging

  42. Stay strong and you will get there. It is all about the routine. Gina Ford was big in the UK when I had my eldest and she is all about being firm from day one and cracking that routine. My mother was the same and came to live with me for the first 3 weeks to get me sorted. Like you I had a job and I couldn’t afford to be tired. To be honest I never looked back. Both my kids were perfect and even now still have a good sleep routine. Good luck and don’t give up. #globalblogging

  43. I am excited for you. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. My little one is also used to the getting fed every time she wakes up. It is going to be a nightmare weaning her off because like you rightly said, it is just so easy to feed her and let her get on with her sleep so I can get on with mine. Every week I think I am going to do it the next week and then that week comes and goes…and we are back to where we began. Good luck with the sleep training. My day will be here soon. #globalblogging

  44. Honestly you should give Hannah a call http://www.yummybabygroup.co.uk she was soooooo helpful, I just had a whole week where he slept through the night (from 7pm to 7am) every single night! I’m not joking, it was really bad before and I was not okay emotionally and physically. From one mum to another this is so worth it. Hoping the best for you tonight! : ) (my partner is also extremely deaf lol so annoying)

  45. Hahah same frowning constantly. There are more lines! How did this happen? I’m definitely blaming it on sleep and potentially more fights with the hubs lol

  46. Haha true! I notice I stay up later when it’s not “my night” to get up when he cries lol, catch 22 eh??

  47. We seem to be in a very good place with our four year old and sleep at the moment. I even manage to get a lie in at weekends. But I’m not being smug, just appreciative. Because we’ve got another one on the way at the end of March, and so I know the lack of sleep is going to start all over again! Never tried sleep training before, just trial and error, so I might get hold of a sleep trainer. Be interested to read how you get on.

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