Bidvine is so helpful, they are like a little fairy that comes in and magically delivers a person to sort out your life. 

You are able to type in whatever service you are looking for; cleaners, interior painters, man with a van, photographers, personal trainer, piano lessons, ANYTHING, and within minutes you are connected to the relevant service in your local area. Tis’ wonderful. 

I found a photographer for my family photos within a day. I’ll I had to do was find the service I wanted, answer a few questions and pick which local business came back to me with the best quote.

I am now on a quest to find a cleaner for my house as I have ZERO time to clean anything these days, I know Mum of the Year. We moved house a month ago (wow, it feels like it’s been a year!) and couldn’t use our cleaner from the other house because we’re so far away now, waaaaah. I’m hoping I find a good one in our new area with Bidvine. I’d really like to find a cleaner / cook / night-time nanny, is there a service out there like this? Most of the nanny’s I’ve met only cook and clean for the child, MEH. ; )

Hmmm I just searched Bidvine, it has directed me to cooking lessons. Get a clue Meagan. To be honest, as my son begins eating more and more ‘real’ food I have started cooking more, and doing a weekly shop on my favourite The internet is AMAZING, what would I do with you?

All you have to do is type in the service you’re looking for…


Answer a few questions about the service you want…


Provide contact details on how you want to receive the quote. I chose text as I am always on my phone!


There were Photographers in london that sent me a confirmation email and within half a day I received a quote!


I got a text message from a local photographer : )…

BD 6

The link brings you to your dashboard…
BD 3
In my dashboard there was a list of photographers in london,

AND POOF, I had help within minutes! Definitely my kind of site.

So all in all, Bidvine has helped me with two services in one week. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone needing a bit of help!



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