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As there are so many reviews of Brit Mums Live 2016 I thought I would try to do something a bit different. I put together a little video that summarises in a quick, bullet point list (…..I love lists) everything I learned from Brit Mums, PLUS personal advice from my work experience in digital marketing and social media for brands.

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79 thoughts on “How to Become a Successful Blogger: BritMums & Digital Marketing Mash Up”

  1. The bit where your son hovers in the background had me really laughing. That was hilarious! Some really neat and handy tips. I’m the worst at instagram I really need to make an effort! And seo! #stayclassymama

  2. Ahhhhh amazing vlog Meg! You make me laugh 😀 Very useful too to hear some of your tips as a digital marketing person, damn those babies interrupting us vlogging haha xxx

  3. Ha ha I love your little sidekick – so cute! Best blogging video bomber ever 🙂 Brilliant ideas here and I definitely want to try doing a photo contest one day x #brilliantblogposts

  4. Having to watch and lip read in my office today! I did chuckle at your little interruption though. There are some fab tips and I’m a getting a bit jealous of all these britmums posts! Maybe in a few years.

  5. Aww I love your sons cameo! So cute!! Great tips, I need to make notes! I constantly waver between wanting to just keep plodding along with my blog and wanting to take it to the next level. Great tips though, thank you! #stayclassymama

  6. Aw thanks for coming, super video 🙂 Aw I said you don’t need a niche-that YOU are your own niche! While it’s great to be a niche, you can be totally open to all x

  7. Ah apologies, I had literally three hours of sleep the night before, dealing with a 6 month old baby that is ill is not great the night before Brit Mums! I honestly did enjoy your session from what I learned. I still think finding your niche can be a great way to stand out and engage an active audience : ).

  8. Great tips. Especially the SEO stuff. I know I have to do it, I just need to get my ass in gear. Major props for making this and looking after your baby at the same time. He is so cute and adorable, it is worth watching just for those big eyes! And also, I am going to sound like I a really creep now, but your hair looks so good. I know you have gone back to work ‘n’all but HOW do you have a baby and hair that looks that good?! #Stayclassymama

  9. haha thanks! He was refusing to go to sleep eeurrrghhh, and is refusing to go to sleep now as well, eeek! Thanks for your comment. : )

  10. Haha he’s my sidekick in fighting off Ninjas too! The photo contest is definitely worthwhile, I have helped brands do this, and even the smaller brands that are not well known generated strong engagement and grew their social channels.

  11. I know WHYYYY, I feel it could have been better without the baby but I needed to just get it done! Hopefully he added a bit of charm lol.

  12. Hahah I JUST got my hair done which is why it probably looks nice in the video! I have to say while I look happy in this video, this week has been rough, he has been sick for over a week and barely sleeping and the I got sick and going into work literally felt like death. Anyway! Thanks for your lovely comment and good luck on the SEO stuff, let me know if you need help? I have a deck from Brit Mums I can share and I know a bit about it from my job. : )

  13. Thanks for commenting! Let me know if you need any help, I have some knowledge from my job but also decks that I can share from Brit Mums. : )

  14. Haha I always have one headphone in at work, I love listening to music. Would be great to see you next year!

  15. Honestly it’s not easy and probably could have been better but I have no time! Thank you for your lovely comment : )

  16. You are a natural! So friendly and so helpful and you come across as so approachable – more vlogs like this would be fabulous! Adore your little boy popping in the background – his little curious face – so so funny!

  17. I love how your son just HAD to be part of the video – babies just don’t appreciate when we’re just blogging.

    I work in digital marketing too, but in the public sector, so it’s way different from running a personal blog. I’m okay with SEO, but Instagram, I just….can’t. #stayclassymama

  18. Ah yes that’s very different, I’ve worked on brands like Rimmel and Miss Sixty, Calvin Klein, David Beckham cologne, etc where we’ve worked with bloggers and ran social media campaigns. While some of it is very different to a personal blog, it’s also somewhat similar. I think I still have a lot to learn but have the basics down haha! Anyway I’m rambling, thank you for your comment and YES it’s very annoying my son would not just chill in the corner like a nice, laid back baby haha! Damn kiiiiddddssss!

  19. Aw thank you so much! I hope it is helpful even it may have been fairly basic, it’s too bad my son wouldn’t sleep but I guess he is kinda cute haha ; ). I also love your vlogs and your daughter is beautiful! : )

  20. Fab video Megan. I bet you are gutted you got stuck in the UK (aside from the lovely family!) San Fran is one of my fave cities ever! Anyhoo, loved the video so I’m just about to go and sub to your channel! #Triballove xxx

  21. Love your little boy Thanks for making this – the part about Instagram was particularly useful. I’m new to it and I LOVE it, but I need to be more consistent in how often I upload. Weekends i tend to Insta everything, then have a quiet few days where I’m so busy. Maybe I should save back some images and drip feed them throughout the week. From the start I did include the # for my blog name though which I’m pleased I had the common sense to do straight away, rather than retrospectively going back and adding it to 100+ images. Really good watch, thank you! #stayclassymama

  22. This video is AMAZING! Especially, the instragm tips. I learnt so much from your tips here, more than I did in the session 🙂 I would love a theme, I need a theme but I just splurge on it. Also a niche – argh. I need a niche.

  23. HAHAHA I love baby interruptions!! I really need like a “Successful blogging for dummies” book! I actually love instagram, but I don’t have all that much to take pictures of…all my pictures end up being the same…

    Great vlog! Lucy xx #triballove

  24. Oh well done on the vlog! I wish I’d met you … I managed a grand total of 3.5hrs at BML16 before I had a call saying NC had fallen downstairs (he’s fine) but did see Vicki and Judith present, which was cool. Love the video-bombing baby – NC would have done the same, I’m sure … will be watching out for more vlogs soon! #stayclassymama

  25. Some great tips and I love that you Vlog. I’ve yet to venture into the world of YouTube, it’s definitely on my to do list! It made me giggle when your son came in!


  26. Really good to hear a different side to the blogging set up, especially with your experience in marketing. Loved the vlog and the family involvement:)



  27. Ah thanks so much! Yea, the baby did not want to play nicely on his own! : ) Thanks for commenting!

  28. It’s a bit scary going into the Vlogging world, but I’ve been having so much fun! Thanks for watching/commenting!

  29. Ah I wish I could have met you too, but as you can see, I totally understand the demands of children! : ) Thanks for watching and commenting!

  30. Hahah he just wouldn’t leave me alone! ; ) I would just take pictures of things that you love and inspire you! Thanks for watching and commenting!

  31. Thanks so much, I’m glad it helped! Apparently ‘finding your niche’ is not what Honest Mum said, she said “YOU are your niche,” which totally makes sense as to why you are a star Emma! You are a unique individual and you don’t need a niche! I think in some ways it can help some people stand out, but it’s not always necessary. : )

  32. Ah thank you, I’m glad it was helpful! It’s really hard to post every day, and some people post in the morning and the evening (..I don’t do this but it is recommended). Scheduling your photos would be an excellent idea! I use Hootsuite to schedule Tweets and Instagram posts, or you could try other tools like Latergramme or Instapult. Really smart about the hashtag! I created a hashtag for all of my sons photos so that my family in America can go to that hashtag and see how he is doing. : ) Thanks for watching and commenting.

  33. What a cool round-up! Love all of your tips. Will be looking at my SEO notes from Judith’s session again! Looking to seeing more of your vlogs. #fortheloveofBLOG

  34. Love these tips Meaghan! I adore the cameo appearances from your son they really had me laughing, he’s such a cutie pie. I look forward to more videos from you! #stayclassymama

  35. Thanks Ellen! He was very hard to get to sleep that night! Haha thanks for commenting and watching : )

  36. Meagan I loved this video! So helpful and so funny 🙂
    I’m new to the blogging world – I’ve only been at it since February and only since BritMums have I realised what I was meant to be doing!!
    Thanks for the helpful tips (particularly the SEO and Instagram stuff – #noted) and for the hilarious baby-ness.
    What a legend.
    Take care and hope to say hi at the next conference. Amy x #stayclassymama

  37. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m glad it was helpful, I know what you mean, Brit Mums has really put my ass into gear haha!

  38. Great summary! (and entertaining hehe) Was lovely to meet you the other week! I’m gonna stay tuned for more vlogs… The baby be rolling had me laughing out loud hahaha #bigpinklink

  39. Haha thanks for checking out my vlogs! Yay! Really great meeting you too : ). That baby be rolling thing happens all the time, he always wants to be on his belly!

  40. Ahaha, I love this! So much helpful material (massive thanks) as well as a good giggle. I loved the guest appearance of your little one – just gorgeous!

  41. Definitely a natural!!!!! I have subscribed! Thanks for all of these useful tips-I need to watch this back again a few times and make some notes! And getting to see cutie little Hudson was amazing too!! I’m sorry you’ve had a tough time with illness and work… My thoughts are with you!!!!!!

  42. thx, i hadnt really thought about making money from blogging, i would probably be terrible at it as I am so inconsistent ……

  43. This is brilliant Meagan, and it is such a fab way to highlight what you learnt at #BML16 rather than write it all down in a blog post. I love it when your Son comes into the corner of the screen too, I hope he went to sleep for you. It’s really interesting to hear of the sessions you went to that I didn’t especially Instagram which is something I haven’t set up yet for my blog – maybe I will. Some top tips here for blogger’s who want to make money from their blog and contacting PR agencies. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  44. Loved this..fab vlog! Love that baby kept popping up to say hi too. I’ve tried vlogging while my toddler has been running around and it’s pretty much impossible! I didn’t go to Britmums so found this really useful, I am going to share it now 🙂 xx #bigpinklink

  45. Great vlog done with such ease and humour. Thank you for sharing the tips from BML – that’s a real treat for those of us that didn’t get to go. You also explained a lot of things in simple terms which made them very easy to understand. Thank you! And it’s nice to meet you as I don’t think our blogging paths have crossed before. Nicky

  46. Nice to meet you too! Thanks for the lovely comment. : ) I’m glad it helped, I tried to break it down so it was simple because there was so much info at Brit Mums!

  47. Hahaha best video ever…I may have said that to you before, I do love your face…that was meant to be complimentary not creepy..fab tips, I think I missed out lots of knowledge..and wine from not attending…you are so relaxed in front of the camera..I have yet to brave it…to attached to filters! big love lady #stayclassymama

  48. Thanks for the tips, I’ve just started out blogging and there is so much to learn so vlogs like this are great. I’ve subscribed to your channel and look forward to reading your posts. Very impressed with your baby/vlogging juggling skills! x

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