Bear is back at it. 

No joke, he has turned into Sully from Monsters Inc., a big, friendly giant during the day and an evil, horrid monster at night. 

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For the last week, he has been waking up every two hours, he has a big fat tantrum, I bring him into my room and back into his room and back into my room, I give him milk, I sing him a song, I let him have three different dummies, I let him walk around the room, this goes on for a good hour and then he falls back to sleep and then two hours later it happens again. Scream. Sleep. Tantrum. Repeat. And then my alarm goes off.

This love-hate relationship has become more hate than love – I know I’m not technically allowed to say that but I believe we should be honest here, especially for any future mothers out there considering getting knocked up. This is what it really it’s actually like, all-consuming florescent blue furry monsters. 

And on top of my lack of energy and basic lull-ing around, my eyes have become so dry that I feel like I’m walking through a desert storm. 

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My eyes are bright red and stinging and all I want to do is jump into a big, clean, crisp waterfall in Bali somewhere. 

On top of red eyes and lack of sleep, I have to go to work after this real nightmare unveils itself each night. So in order to try and be a sane human being in front of other humans, I have come up with coping mechanisms to combat this zombie-like state,

Use Rhoto Dry-Aid

Turn those dry eyes WHITE. I actually feel refreshed after I use this magical stuff. For 20 minutes, I feel like a normal human being who has had a full night’s sleep with normal white eyes. 

This is totally me after I use this!

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BOOM. Clear eyes and a beautiful face. Okay Rohto doesn’t guarantee the beautiful face, but clear eyes are a start! On a real note, Rohto keeps my eyes dry for 12 hours straight and stops the burning sensation.

Drink a Ton of Coffee

Don’t worry I read a bunch of articles on how much coffee is to much coffee, and it says four coffees a day is okay depending on your weight, height and general mental health – so add an extra shot and be on your merry way! Some scientists even say coffee is good for you, HALLELUJAH.

Jump Around 

It’s 9am, you sit down, you check your diary, you realise you don’t have too many meetings and it’s looking more like a ‘desk day,’ on these days you should try and go for walks around the office- or jumps if you’re feeling frisky. I found walking around and chatting to people gets your blood pumping and makes you feel more energised. My friend who works at Google says they do ‘energisers’ at their desks where they do some silly dance move and then they all sit back down – I’m not saying this is the end all be all because honestly I think that sounds quite awkward and forced but ironically, sitting at a desk can be tiring so get off your ass and get your steps on whatever way you want.

Listen to High Energy Music

My recommendations are….

Get Up, Stand Up, Gotta Put Your Hands Up….Jump, Jump, Everybody Say JUMP, JUMP.

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is On Fiiiiiiiiire, We Don’t Need No Water….

Take a Nap at Lunch

If you have space and time do to this, definitely do it! I wish we had those sleeping pods at work but – like in Seinfield – I think under your desk could be a good spot too. Just get your head down and take a power nap and although you’ll feel groggy just after the nap, it will help later on in the day. 


**This is a sponsored post on behalf of Rohto. All opinions are my own.

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