This post is long overdue, and to be frank, this is probably a topic I should be writing about because it’s as much apart of my life as my son. So stay tuned for more on digital advertising in the future.

For those of you who don’t know, I work in advertising, specialising in digital. Yes, that evil money grabbing, Facebook stalking business. I’ve worked at various media agencies in both London and San Francisco and worked with major brands like Kellogg’s, MasterCard, Mr Kipling, Rimmel, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Sky and many many more.

As the digital ecosystem continues to change rapidly, more and more people opt in to block online ads and influencer marketing becomes more prevalent (read about 6 digital trends of 2017) it’s important that we know about this and promote ourselves as best as possible. 

Influencer marketing isn’t new, but it will mature in 2017 as we see brands not only partnering with digital savvy Snapchatters and YouTubers but co-creating original content that can’t be found anywhere else.

So while working across a few of these brands I developed a digital strategic approach across all digital channels, and of course one aspect of the digital campaign was with influencers. I have seen their very professional media packs (I’ve also obviously written my own which has helped me get paid jobs through blogging), so I thought it would be worth sharing a few tips for your own media pack: 

A media pack is essentially a more fun, photo heavy CV. It’s meant to highlight your strengths in concise entertaining sentences and stats. The format is not as important as the content, so you can create this as a powerpoint, a word doc, or even an infographic! Whatever you are the most confident in using. 

So here are three key things to remember when writing a media pack…

Who are you?
The first thing a brand wants to know is who is this person and why would I want to work with them? How are they going to benefit my company, and ultimately help me drive sales? 
What to include:
  • Amazing description of who you are as a person, a funny anecdote that really makes you shine
  • How your personality is the best they are every going to see
  • What makes you unique
  • High res photos
How are you going to help them deliver on their business objectives?
After they get to know who you are and how you are going to differentiate their brand from their competitors because of your unique offering, you need to highlight your stats. Only the good ones. If you are relatively new to blogging, you could only show one number and combine all of your social media stats. Other stats to include:
  • Monthly uniques (this is the most important figure because it truly shows your readership i.e. how many unique users are going to read your blog each month) – note: do not use page views as this is not a true metric at a user level, as this counts total number of times somebody has been to the page i.e. somebody could be hopping back from other tabs that are open on their computer three or four times to read the same page
  • Follows, likes, fans, pins
  • DA score
  • Google page rank
  • Any other communities you run and the stats behind this
  • Link to your best (most viewed or shared) blog post
  • Other places you have been published and the stats you received from this
  • Testimonials from other brands
In this section, you could put a list of why your blog is the best choice for this particular brand. Seriously go for it, blogging is really subjective so you can go big.
If you use Google Analytics, you can add the audience that follows your blog (if it’s relevant to the brand), for instance you are looking to write about a breastfeeding product so if your stats in GA show that your audience is mums 25-40 then definitely add this into your media pack. You could even create a little profile about your audience and add quotes from the comments section of your blog of mums who love your blog. 
If you have worked with other brands in the past, in this section you could also include testimonials from other brands. 
Any other experience in this industry? Definitely include this here. It’s an added bonus if you know what you’re doing. 
What services do you offer? 
This is where you provide a list of services you will offer them. If you have a specific brand in mind then list a few ideas on how you would like to collaborate with them. Show your passion! If you really love a brand, let them know.
A few examples: 
  • Sponsored posts
  • Brand ambassador
  • Video content
  • Reviews
  • Freelance writing
  • Competition
  • Give away
  • Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest social media campaigns
  • Public Speaking
  • Events, press trips and travel

Of course, you will need to add your rates here. Again this is subjective and is different for every blogger, I came across some bloggers who charged £5K for sponsored posts and some bloggers charge £100, it will depend on your stats, the amount of time spent, if you have writing experience, and many other factors. Here is Tots 100 take on this.

With this information you can make a rough and ready calculation of what you need to charge. For example, if you want to earn £250 a month from your blog, and you have 10 hours to devote to writing paid content, then you need to earn £25/hour. If a sponsored post will take you 2 hours of work, then you need to charge a minimum of £50 per post.

Last but not least,
I would add a lot of photos, if you can. You are a content creator so they want to see how you can create content in an interesting, engaging and powerful way. The main thing they will remember is the feeling they had while reading through your media pack so you want this to be positive! 
If you have any questions, feel free to email or DM me! 
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19 thoughts on “How To Write a Killer Media Pack”

  1. I definitely needed to read this! I kind of knew it was a good idea to have a media pack but literally had no idea what to put in it! Mine definitely needs some work having read this, thank you!! Looking forward to more industrtvrelated posts, for sure x #StayClassyMama

  2. This is an awesome post and I will have to save it for sure – I still don’t know what I’m doing and need to sort my life and blog out! Having an idea about a media pack is a massive help – thank you #stayclassymama

  3. This is all really good advice! I’ve never tried to create a press pack because I’m not actively trying to work with brands – not that my stats are that hot anyway. Maybe I will some day, but for now I’m just using my blog to rant about politics and write about funnyish toddler stuff. #stayclassymama

  4. Wow! What an informative post! It’s likely we are some way off actually doing this but reading this was a fab insight in to the world of pro blogging!! Thank you #stayclassymama

  5. I pinned this, stumbled it, G+, tweeted it…I basically violated this in every way possible. Thank you so much. Being such a new blogger, this is verbal gold! Thank you! 🙂

  6. This is an interesting post. I’ve done some sponsored work but so far nobody has asked for a pack so I haven’t done one. I’ve been asked for follower counts, FB reach and GA stats, but nothing really official #stayclassy

  7. I need to sit, read, disect and soak up all your knowledge! Some things here I have no clue what they are so I shall be doing a lot of research and finding out. Thanks so much for this post! I so need to get sorted on a media pack!! #stayclassymama

  8. ooooooo I sooo need to do this! I have an Ace Media one but I know I really need to make my own one considering i’m looking to earn from this blogging malarky!
    These tips are really useful thanks! i’ve bookmarked this for when I finally get round to it #stayclassymama

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