After reading the Hidden Drives eBook from Chill Insurance, which takes you through some of Ireland’s best drives including the Ring of Kerry and Castletown, I started to think about all the amazing drives I’ve experienced…….

Take me hooome, country roads, to a place, I belong……

……..California. Mountain mama. 

Okay so it’s not West Virginia. But let’s be honest it’s waaaay better than ole Ginny Gin. 

…I mean……


You have mountains. You have beaches. You have hot muscley men carrying surf boards. You have the majority of people tan-faced and smiley roller-blading around town. 

But now that I have been to the ‘dark side‘ AKA the home of self-deprecating humour and overly polite pale-faced people humming ‘Sweet Home, Sweet Chariot,’ going back home to the sunshine state becomes a little creepy. 5 years in the UK has shifted my perception. I mean, why are these people so happy? And more importantly, why are they all wearing roller skates?

Jokes aside it is a bit dark in E-Town. The hills may be green but the waves are totally flat, not to mention the beaches are full of rock. Like, big ass rocks that hurt your bum when you sit on them…..

On a more positive note, it’s summer time here, the parks are kickin’ and the ciders are chillin’, but it’s got me reminiscing about my trips down the 101 in California. 

The good life. Oh no not that Kayne song, I mean the actual good life when I was in uni and $1 beers were on tap and I had my green Jeep Grand Cherokee. 


Oh man that car has some memories. The first time I got my licence. The first time I went on a road trip. The first time I went camping. The first time I…..erhem……I’ll right stop here. 

I used to drive up and down from San Francisco to LA, looking back now I didn’t even realise how lucky I was to drive down such a beautiful journey…

Windy road on Highway 1 overlooking the stunning coastline in Mendocino County, California USA
Windy road on Highway 1 overlooking the stunning coastline in Mendocino County, California USA

cali 3

This road. This road right here was – without sounding too cringe – where I found myself. Oooo too cringe, too cringe. I feel my left eye squint as if I just did a wee fart. 

The left eye can wait. This was a time when everything had fallen into a black hole. My mom’s house went into foreclosure, my dad was long gone, my brother was in a serious car accident and I was left with my Jeep and a shit load of debt. 

It was foggy and the proverbial fork was in the road. 

cali 4

I started to understand the bigger picture. That greed was the American dream, and if I wanted to get anywhere I would have to lick the system’s ass.

I became cynical and angry, believing that people were only my friends because there was something they wanted. And when I didn’t have what they wanted they would leave me in the dark.

I believed that the circle of life was in fact a circle of dust particles feeding off of each other in some weird cosmic explosion of nothingness. And the belief that “if you worked hard enough you will achieve success” was a cruel joke.

I was told from an early age that I must follow orders to be successful. We must go to school, we must get a college degree and we must start climbing the corporate ladder, or else we are deemed ‘stupid’ or ‘deadbeat.’ And even when you do all of those prerequisites and you still don’t achieve success, don’t worry they have a prescription for you, take 2 prozac a day! Now you don’t even realise you hate your job, and you hate your life, and that you are average. You lose your individuality and you become a rat, following the crowd mindlessly in a never-ending gutter of shit. 

I had had enough. I wanted a new dream. 

I wanted a dream for a better humanity. A dream that was achievable for everyone. If we each become indispensable individually we all become apart of something bigger than ourselves. A revolution that frees us all from the confinements of our current system.

A dream where we all wake up from the nightmare of capitalism and democracy and discover this point of view, and then behave accordingly. And that is where I found myself, on the 101 driving up to San Francisco. 

cali 5

I’m joining the conversation with@Chill_Insurance #HiddenDrives because although this isn’t necessarily a hidden drive, it’s a drive that has a lot of meaning to me. 

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