I immediately ran out of the bathroom at work, out the spinning carousel door, into the middle of the street, and onto the metropolitan line. I had to wait nine achingly long minutes on the train until the door opened. I ran up the stairs out of the station and into the nearest Waitrose and proceeded to buy six more pregnancy tests.

Ummm yep… I was pregnant.

How did this happen? Oh riiiiiight, that time when my boyfriend put his penis inside me without a condom and I was switching over to a new birth control……who needs condoms? Right?!

Despite the fact that this has been a massive surprise, I am extremely happy. I obviously went through, what I like to call, my “freak out stage” for the first two weeks where I put at least five different excel spreadsheets together and listened to Cat Stevens ‘Peace Train’ about six times a day. (I had to do something to calm me down right?). I also put a pros and cons list together, but never happened to write the cons list. In my heart of hearts I knew this baby was here for a reason. I mean how did it survive the last month of drinking every weekend?! WHAT! NO! I was already terrible at this.

After the ‘freak out stage” I realised that I am actually going to be a good Mum and that all the right things are in place in order for my boyfriend and I to start a family. “It’s never the right time!” The slogan for the month of April 2015.

I am blessed, I am happy and I am ready. Now at 21 weeks pregnant, I feel calm, collected and strong (like somewhat abnormally strong…think it’s the hormones). I’ve been running once or twice a week and doing 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne. Although I think I pulled a vagina muscle during ‘Tree Pose’ as it feels sore at the moment. Anyway! On to the next one. Follow me on my weird journey into motherhood as it would be great to have a little extra support from all the other mother’s out there!


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