I’m going to BritMums Live 2016!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA

champagne tent

Metaphorically, I will be in my own Champagne tent all day. Dancing around, chatting, and generally having a jolly old time. Realistically, Helen from Just Saying Mum has mentioned some sort of Champagne tent. If this is actually going to be a thing, THAT is where you can meet me.

And I may be bringing this glorious Chambong….


But for real, I ordered one last week. ; )

My name 

Meagan. My friends call me Meg or Megs. Don’t mind what you call me, just please not Meegan. It’s pronounced Megan. THANKS.

My blog 

www.TheMumProject.com, mostly laughable moments and the truth about Motherhood.

Find me on social media

Facebook www.facebook.com/TheMumProject

Twitter www.twitter.com/MumProject

Instagram www.instagram.com/MeagansMumProject

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/TheMumProject

How I look

Depends on my mood…

I’ll probably look like this first one the whole time….

photo of me

Or amazed at famous bloggers like Honest Mum

photo of me 2

Or partying in the champagne tent with Just Saying Mum….

photo of me 3

Or putting on an awkward and nervous smile…..

photo of me 4

Or trying to be normal….

photo of me pretty
Is this my first blogging event?

Yes. Can’t you tell by the 10,000 photos I just put up to make sure people will recognise me?

I will be wearing…

Hopefully something.

What I hope to gain from #BML16

I’m very pumped about the workshops and collaborative sessions. I hope to learn more about SEO and Pinterest. Although I am a digital marketer and I have experience in display, social, PPC and affiliates, it’s very different managing SEO/PPC for a brand versus your own website.

And of course, I am stupidly excited about meeting all of the bloggers! To name a few… Admissions of a Working Mother and This Mums Life…..actually there are so many bloggers I want to meet it seems unfair to make a list, so ALL OF THEM.

I’m very excited about the 

Champagne tent, obvs. ; )

My tips for a great conference

Have loads of FUN. But for real, I don’t have any advice as I am still very new to blogging and conferences.


champagne feature

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66 thoughts on “Meet Me in the Champagne Tent! BritMums Live 2016”

  1. It sounds lovely!!!! Enjoy. I feel it’s a bit too early for me but I will try next year. Doing the comment now so that I don’t forget. We never know, Baba might distract me … #StayClassyMama

  2. Ah, I hope you have a lovely time and quaff plenty of champers!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it. PS. This post did make me laugh a lot #stayclassy

  3. I hope that chambong arrives. Am seriously considering bring own pop-up tent just in case there is no actual champagne tent. That way flip it up and gather inside for champagne or maybe mid-day snooze 😉 #coolmumclub

  4. These BML16 posts can all turn out a bit same-y but I really like this one for the photos and promise of partying. As I still write my blog on an iPad and am yet to replace my broken laptop I feel I would be a sham if I came along, so maybe next year… Have a fab time. #StayClassyMama

  5. Aww I wish I was going so I could party in the champagne tent..if I wasn’t pregnant though, obviously. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.xx #coolmumclub

  6. Have a great time! It would be the best thing ever if someone recognised you by the use of the chambong… ‘Ahh you must be Meagan’ can’t wait to hear about it. Take photos! #stayclassy

  7. I wish I was going too. Have an amazing time and I know you will! Have really been enjoying reading your blog! Ok, you can have more champagne on my behalf. #coolmumclub

  8. Ahh gutted that I can’t come! My husband has selfishly booked a stag weekend to Amsterdam for that weekend so I will have to wait another year before I hit the champagne tent! Enjoy yourself and will meet you next year hopefully! #stayclassymama

  9. Hope you have a lovely time, looking forward to reading all about it! I’d be in the champagne tent too, haha!


  10. We are WELL JELL !!! And I need a chambong.. I never knew such a thing existed but it looks like something I need in my life asap. Everyday is a school day eh..

    I’m sure you will have a blast!


  11. Sounds like loads of fun! As a new-ish blogger I’ve never been to a blog conference. I don’t really even understand what they are/why you would go. I just write stuff and share it – I don’t even work with brands or anything…I’m sure there’s lots to learn but I’m not quite at the point where I feel like my blog is a business (although I do promote it that way!) and I spend a lot of time at my day job!

    I hope your experience is as great as your expectations – and I hope you enjoy the champagne tent! Be sure to share about what went on and what you learned (and what I could learn if I can find a conference around here…)

  12. are you and I actually going to go to any of the presentations or shall we just plant our backsides firmly on a stool in the champagne tent (if there is one?). It would be very sensible if BML have rule that the bar will not be open until after the event otherwise things could get messy! Thank you so much for the mention gorgeous one – love all the photos! Blonde or brunette?? #coolmumclub

  13. Oh my god I was going to call you Meegan! lol ! Ok I won’t make that mistake! Phew.
    I have no idea what I’m going to wear – it seems like the outfit is a big deal? Too casual, too dressed up – I always get it wrong. I’ll hide in the champagne tent #stsyclassymama

  14. Erm I am sure the champagne tent was a fictional thing wasn’t it?! I am so jealous that I can’t come to meet you all, you are going to have the best time! Adore all the photos, you and I would have so much fun together…rapping, playing beer pong, drinking jagerbombs and chambongs…oh it’s sad I can’t come!! #stayclassymama

  15. Yes, will you please bring this? I tweeted at BritMums cheekily suggesting that they have Champagne hahah, probably not my best move but hey I’m desperate. ; ) Hope to see you there! I’ll let you do a bong out of my ChamBong.

  16. Very excited to be meeting you soon! And also very pleased that I wont be calling you Meegan, because that is a stupid way of saying the name Meagan! #stayclassymama

  17. Aw I would have really liked to meet you, DAMN STAG DO! Although it sounds like he’s going to have a good time. : ) Hopefully you have someone to help you with the kids?!?

  18. Hahaha YES let’s just chill in the champagne tent, maybe the presenters can come to our tent and present to us there???Oh it’s blonde haha! Can’t wait to meet you there!!

  19. Yup I have confirmed that it is not actually a thing hahaha WHOOPS, I may have to bring some sort of blanket and make it a thing. I am potentially brining the ChamBong if it gets delivered in time ; ). We will do jagers and Chambongs and gangsta walks together soon! I would have really liked to meet youuuuuuuu!

  20. I just discovered this a couple weeks ago and ordered one for a beer pong party I’m going to but also considering actually bringing it to BritMums hahah, well see! Wish you guys could be there!

  21. It’s okay I put #stayclassy on a couple blogs I commented on today….BAAAHH, I still need to fix the code for the badge as well, anyway, we are AMAZING HOSTS! lol ; )

  22. Bless, enjoy it and make sure you get pics with your champagne

    And why would anyone pronounce it Meegan?!


  23. I hope you have tons of fun at the conference. I hope you learn more about seo. I am trying to work on it but it is very confusing to me.


  24. Um, I would like to see you using this chambong! How awesome! Seriously though, you’re going to have a wonderful time-I can’t wait to see pics! I wish I was in the UK I would love to go!! #StayClassy

  25. I’m so jealous! I want to go to the champagne tent too! Although half a glass and I’m done for lol, yes I am a cheap date! But I am also jealous that I can’t go, being an Aussie gal it is just too far! #stayclassymama

  26. ooh a chambong! Im going to get some of them as Christmas presents.
    Champagne tent sounds fab.
    I could never go to BML or any blogging thing as I cant navigate out my own town :O
    Have fun

  27. Oh you are going to have such a great time. Not that I’ve ever been but from all the posts I’ve been reading it sounds like such fun. What could be better than meeting other bloggers? Apart from drinking copies amounts of champagne from a chambong obvs 😉 That’s the part I’m most jealous about lol


  28. You had me at champagne… hope I can be there next year. On SEO I did a really good free Google Garage 1-2-1 session on this on Friday and it was really good. There are a few Google Garages across the country (our nearest permanent one is Manchester Library) so might be worth checking out. #stayclassymama

  29. Thanks for the tip, will have to check this out! I’ll most likely be writing a post about all the things I learned at Brit Mums! Hopefully that will be helpful ; ).

  30. Aw wish you were there too, would love to meet you and have a glass (or three) together! ; )

  31. That would be a very long flight for a very short conference! Totally understandable, but wish you could be there to have a glass with me!

  32. I will try and snap a pic! lol, I hope it arrives in time, I had to order it to be delivered at my Mom’s in America hahah, she sent it on Saturday (it was originally for a beer pong party I’m going to but thought I could use it for Brit Mums too?! hahah). Wish you could be there!

  33. I know, right?! …I’ve found out that it’s because in Australia it is actually pronounced Meegan, so I think they have carried this over to the UK. MEHHHH. It’s okay I am slowly penetrating the UK with the correct way to pronounce it lol. Wish you could be there, will take loads of pics!

  34. Haha – I love your approach to ensuring people can recognise you, even if you’re in the presence of Honest Mum! I’m not going, but I’m sure it will be an amazing experience. Who knew chambongs were a thing? You probably could have just put that down as your identifying feature: ‘will be drinking champagne from a bong’. Hope you have a great time (& find the champagne tent)! #StayClassyMama

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