On my Mum journey I have found that having Mum friends is key to Mum success. Diyyaam, I just said “Mum” three times in one sentence. Anyway, without Mum friends I would be that woman you see at music festivals in giraffe pants and dread locks downing a bottle of champers at 6am because the day is just gettin’ started! WOOO…..not so much. While we all know that Mum friends are important, unfortunately there is quite an art to making cool Mum friends. You can always find a Mum friend, but finding a cool Mum friend that you actually want to spend your precious one hour of free time with is tricky. It’s similar to hitting on a woman for a first date. “Oh you look nice in those jeans!” “Maybe we can go for a coffee first and drinks later?” “Have you been going to the gym?” I have used these exact phrases to pick up meet Mums. So, as I know how difficult hitting on meeting Mums can be, I’m going to share my top places and pick up lines to find and attract the cool Mum.

The Grocery Store

Meet Mum grocery shopping The shops are an exceptionally accessible place to pick up other cool Mums…. there are so many things you can ask her about. “Have you tried these chocolate-coated gummy bears?” Or, “Do you know which aisle the nappies are in?” Well actually, I guess you should know which aisle these are in already! You don’t want to look like a bad Mum! What about, “What dummy size do you use?” or “Oh I find Bonjela to be the best teething gel.” or “Wow, I can’t even tell you’re wearing a breast pad, which ones do you use?” Not to mention, different supermarkets attract different types of Mums. There are the monster chains like Sainsbury’s where you get the “I’m a practical and no bull shit” kind of Mum or the natural/organic indie stores where you get the “I am on a vegan diet and do yoga everyday” Mum. Know who you’re looking to attract, and then hone in on them.

The Laundromat

Meet Mums laundromat It takes at least half an hour to wash a load and another 45 minutes to dry it. You have plenty of time to work your charm with that super cool mum. You could ask questions like, “Do you think I can squeeze two loads in here without breaking it?” If she fires back, “‘That’s what she said,” you’re in. A cool Mum knows how to give it back.

Baby Sensory Class

Meet Mums baby sensoryThis is my favourite! Sharing a mutual concern is always a way in. “That teacher is so CRAY, why does she always wear baggy yoga pants with cats and dogs on them?” You may even find you have the same taste in baby yoga music? Discussing the finer points of the high and low notes could be a conversation starter for attending a music class together at some later point. Make sure to follow up and ask for her digits.

NCT/Hypno-birthing Class

Meet Mums NCT Class Because you are in an NCT class, there are a plethora of questions you can use to kick start conversations, any question is appropriate, “So, how do you think you’re birth will be?” “Oh amazing! Me too! Should we go for brunch?” This is where you can truly be yourself with no judgment. In the classes after birth, I have used, “What kind of breast pump do you use?” and actually had a Mum lend me her pump right then and there. Only the cool Mums have a pump to lend on hand.

The Shoe Store

Meet Mums shoe shopping Women love shoes. The shoe store is an excellent place to pick up chicks meet cool Mums. But make sure to pick up the right shoes, the pointed toe and gladiator sandals are in this season. Pick up a pair of each and go over to the cool Mum and ask her opinion about which one you should get. Mums love to help other people! Wait… what Mum has time to go shoe shopping in an actual store?! hahaha Maybe the Mums with older girls….

The Park

Meet Mums at park final The cool Mum is the one that will allow her child to share their toys with your child. The Mums that sit in a corner and only talk to their own friends are not worth your time. Go for the one that looks open-minded and kind. Simple conversation starter is the obvious one, “Oh, what a lovely day it is,” or “You are looking tan!”

The Mummy and Baby Cinema

MEET Mums mum and baby cinema This seems like a weird one, BUT it can actually be a great way to find a cool Mum. You both like horror films, perfect! More of a rom-com kind of gal, go to the Tuesday viewing when they’re playing “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”! You can chat about how terrible your last relationship was “OMG my last boyfriend was not as cool as you!” or “I hated the way he would get jealous when I would look at the hot guy behind the popcorn counter.” Maybe even go for drinks afterwards with her and invite the hot popcorn guy? Okay, good luck girls! Get your hair did, nails painted and that charming smile on. 

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  1. What would we have done without our mummy friends? I couldn’t have managed without having them. I was quite lucky to have a couple of friends pregnant at the same time so has already ‘picked mine up’ I really want to go to the cinema though, it’s been so long. Brilliant blog and I’ll be chucking to myself when I see mums in supermarkets and shoe shops Gem X #stayclassy

  2. Hahahaha! Yes! Mum friends are essential, great tips… My mum friends are from our nct class and my pregnancy yoga class… And a few we see in all the same classes. #coolmumclub

  3. Ah, what a fab post! When I read posts about NCT classes it makes me wish I’d found one when I was pregnant 3 years ago. Great post…very funny! #stayclassy

  4. Oh, very good! (Just LOOK at the amount of broccoli in that first picture!) I am going to try some of these. Am on holiday at the mo so might just include cocktails in the lines somewhere … very funny! #coolmumclub

  5. “hey, love your nail colour honey – wanna grab a coffee?” Would love you to be my cool mum friend! Such a FAB post! and so true – a mum friend that you really want to sit with for your special hour – someone that makes you laugh, gets it etc etc – love it, love it, love it! #coolmumclub

  6. haha! I was useless at meeting other mums, plus the teens told me I have ‘chronic bitch face’ at times too, so that probably didn’t help lol .. funny post! #stayclassy

  7. I wish I was outgoing enough to try some of these mum pick-up tips! Sadly, my awkwardness means all I can manage is a few banal comments about teething/weaning/sleep before I just want to run away. Mum friend fail. #StayClassy

  8. Mum friends for the win! I am all about honing in on the mum that I want to ‘pick up’ not just because she has a child around my son’s age, but because I probably would’ve wanted to talk to her pre-pregnancy/ earth quake. It’s all about the approach #stayclassy !

  9. My kids are a bit older now but I defo remember the Mum dating!! I particularly remember starting a convo with a Mum at baby music class ( the one where you do all the work with the tambourine while baby slobbers on a teether) and I’m glad because we went on to be great friends and did heaps together for years until she moved back to Oz with her family. It’s also a bit like Mum dating when your kids first go to school and wondering who you will be friends with!!! #stayclassy

  10. I am so rubbish at making mum friends because I’m just so horribly shy and awkward. I have to force myself to even give eye contact. Thanks for the tips. I will have to try some of these while pretending not to be totally awkward.


  11. haha love this so funny and true! I am the park pickup mum ALWAYS! thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this chick! x

  12. Love this! Hopefully this article helps me “pick up” some new mom friends! I am not that good at it so far! #stayclassy

  13. And there I was, thinking, “Help me – I haven’t slept in four days and my daughter is plotting my downfall…” was a good opener.

    I knew I’d been going wrong somewhere!

  14. Oh I love it! Sadly everyone is too traumatised in the supermarket by my monster to approach the haggard mum with a trolley full of pot noodles!
    I am definitely useless at making mum friends. I have 3.


  15. lol this is so funny! I’ve totally said some of these.
    I recently was shopping for a bike for my daughter but, smartly, left her at home. I asked a guy with a daughter mine’s age what size bike to get… I TRULY wanted a bike but I’m pretty sure he thought I was hitting on him. Whoopsies.

    Simply Shaunacey

  16. Great post, I always seem to end up talking to the person in the supermarket that everyone else avoids! Will have to try your tips instead! Thanks for hosting #stayclassy

  17. This is great, very funny – I’m useless at this! If my son is with me I can’t really talk to anyone because he is always running off! #stayclassy

  18. I love this post! I have made so many mummy friends through the kids but it’s only natural that you wont click with everyone! It IS very much like a first date, and I think for me I know when I gel with someone and whether we have the potential to be new besties!! #stayclassy

  19. I am rubbish at making mum friends. I think this stems from me being a bit of a loner, i have always loved my own company. Should i have to change just because i am a mummy now? I am making the effort for my baby girl to start going to baby sensory classes now we are off the waiting list. I expect closer to the time my anxiety will rear its ugly head. but i am doing it for her.


  20. How do you continue to write such genius and funny posts all of the time. How!?! Firstly do choclate covered gummy bears really exist? If so you need to tell the supermarket and the shelf number. Secondly, finding a cool mummy friend is so important. I used to have some lovely ones in blighty and I am now stalking various mums on Jersey to try and convince them to be my friend 😉 x #stayclassy

  21. Brilliant!!! I made some amazing friends at NCT and there is literally no holds barred on our conversations!! We aren’t that cool but we are constantly there for each other – which is pretty cool in itself! 🙂 xx #stayclassy

  22. This is fab! I’ve obviously never been a cool mum because I’m sitting here asking myself “Does the Mummy and Baby cinema even exist?” Obviously not in my world! #StayClassy

  23. I am way too shy for this but wish I had it in me to do it! It can be pretty hard to make mom friends where I love though so maybe I should start. Thanks for the funny and informative post!
    #PuddingLove #TribalLove


  24. Chocolate gummy bears, baby sensory and baby cinema you would definitely be my choice of cool mum! On a serious note, many mums do feel lonely and lack the confidence to chat with others, it is so important to have friends you can talk to! TY for linking up to #FamilyFun

  25. I love all about this art!
    Basic lines:
    – How old is your cutie?
    – What a gorgeous baby, do you come here often?
    -(interrupting conversation) my baby has been doing that too! How old is your… #stayclassy

  26. I think because no one in my friend group has children, I tried really hard to just put myself out there. I know how helpful it can be to have Mom friends! Some Moms are really friendly and up for grabbing a coffee after the class, I would give it a go if you’re up for it! My Mom friends now are so helpful!

  27. I’m definitely not saying I am a “cool” Mom lol. I think it’s hard to find other Moms that are similar to you, you know? I didn’t realise the Mummy and Baby Cinema existed until I was very, very bored one day and looked up “things to do with baby” in my area hahaha : )

  28. Haha yea I wouldn’t say I am “cool,” I just meant finding other Moms that understand you. Sometimes it can be difficult to find another Mom that has a similar perspective on life, although I’m not saying if you have different perspectives you can’t be friends! It’s really like being on a date, trying to figure out if you like each other and then going for coffee and then maybe dinner! lol : )

  29. YES, you have to try them, they are delicious! Actually now that I am thinking about it, I don’t think they sell them at Sainsbury’s or Tesco?! Woah, I think I subconsciously wrote “chocolate covered gummy bears,” I haven’t actually had them in ages hahah. I need to go to sleep.

    Agreed, finding the right friend is important because otherwise I would go a bit mad. Hahah stalk right on! I think some Mums are really friendly, it just depends if they already have their “group”, you know?!

  30. Wow, there is a waiting list for baby sensory?! You must live in a jam-packed baby area. : ) No, I don’t think you should have to change now that you are a Mum. For me personally, it was really helpful making friends with Mums who are in the same situation as me, mostly because none of my friends have children. Sometimes I actually have more fun with my Mum friends now than my friends without kids!

  31. It’s definitely like a first date, I felt like this the other day when I was asking a Mum to go have coffee (which gave me the idea for the blog post). I wasn’t sure if she liked me! hahah But she did, and we went for coffee and now we are going to go for drinks, our SECOND DATE! WOO. ; )

  32. Hahah I know your son sounds very rambunctious! It must be difficult with toddlers, I think with babies it’s a bit easier because the classes are really for the adults anyway! I mean I don’t think my son cares where he is at the moment lol

  33. Oh yea, didn’t think about that one! Actually I haven’t even ventured into a shopping centre, I’m scared I am going to get trampled by the girl teens running into H&M hahah

  34. Hahah really like who? I don’t know if my tips are full proof, you have to find a Mum that is actually up for a small talk! : )

  35. hahah that’s so funny! I’ve accidentally hit on the man serving me meat at Sainsbury’s, I was like, “Oh your meat looks goooood!” I was kind of joking around but it came out quite sexual, I ran away after he handed me the package of meat and gave me a strange look.

  36. Oh I love pot noodles! Oh man, I can only imagine! Although I do want three kids myself, how is it going? hahah

  37. Hahah you know what, that probably IS a good opening line. Who can relate better to sleep deprivation than a Mum?!? lol : )

  38. Hopefully it does, but it always depends on the Moms in your classes, some can be really friendly and others not so much!

  39. Love going to the park! Although it’s somewhat rare, the last couple weeks have been golden. Great pick up area. haha

  40. haha fake it until you make it, right?! I think it’s all about finding the Mom in the room that looks the friendliest/most kind because they’ll be more likely to be receptive to making new friends. Sometimes Mums already have their “group”, which is slightly annoying but whatever!

  41. Same! I met me closest Mum friend at hypnobirthing class, I actually wasn’t even looking for a friend. I didn’t realise how important they would be until after the baby was born and I was like, “UH WTF I need help?!” haha

    I’m excited for when my son goes to school, that sounds interesting! Are Mums even open to making friends when the kids are older?

  42. Agreed! It’s all about the approach, finding the right Mum who is friendly and kind, and who doesn’t already have their “Mum Group”!

  43. Haha yea well it took me a while to even want to try and make a friend in baby sensory class, I barely have the energy to walk to the damn class! : ) But I have found that it does really improve my day when I have another Mum to talk to, otherwise I might go CRAY.

  44. Ah me too! Actually I will be that person in a month when I go to Secret Garden Party Festival lol, and secretly I have wanted to drink champagne at 6am, haven’t done it….yet ; )

  45. Hahaha no that doesn’t help! I think I have “resting sad face,” it doesn’t look like I am a bitch, it just looks like I’m sad all of the time. When I moved to the UK I thought my “resting sad face” got worse because everyone was like, “You alright?” lol Obviously, I know now “You alright?” is more like “How are you doing” or “What’s up?” hahah

  46. It’s funny I’ve never met any mums like this! I wish I’d signed up tp NCT classes as I hear so many people organising meet ups with their NCT friends. I got desperate about 5 months in and told someone I have no mummy friends. Can I have your number, can we meet up! We’re still friends and go to baby cinema and things together! Yay #stayclassy

  47. Fab post – so funny! Meeting cool mums is very much like dating – I have only met a couple and that was during baby sensory class. I think because the teachers are always a bit cray cray, always a good start for a pick up line haha x #triballove #familyfun

  48. TOTES. ; ) I would love to grab some coffee. I think I may be too friendly for some Mums, which is why I have to find another Mum that is just as friendly! haha

  49. Same, I met my first Mum friend at hypno-birthing class! At first, I wasn’t really expecting to make friends but now I’ve realised these classes are really for the Mums, I mean my son could be anywhere really… haha

  50. Same, sometimes I actually have had more fun with my Mum friends than my friends without kids, which I think is because I can relate to them more now. You should check out if they have a Mummy and Baby cinema in your area? One day I was very bored and just Googled “things to do with a baby” in my area lol

  51. This post made me smile! Mummy friends are my saviour, it’s so nice to talk to like minded adults! It is tough at first though, I forced myself to baby groups until I had made some!


  52. Aha love it!! I already had some friends who were mums or pregnant at the same time as me, I find it quite tricky to ‘pick mums up’ in new places haha! Think I made a breakthrough in baby sensory this week though, woop. #StayClassy

  53. LOVE this post. So so hilarious <3
    I think your pick-up lines are absolutely superb, and would TOTALLY be friends with anyone who used them on me ha. I definitely think it's easier to talk to other moms who are sharing an experience with you! Thanks for sharing (: #StayClassy

  54. Love your one liners and I would be right there, so would most of my mum friends. I think it’s the whole child birth thing gives us the natural edge, I would quite happily be picked being told that my legs looked good in my jeans and then straight onto cocktails, thats a good morning as far as I’m concerned!



  55. Mummy friends are definitely the best and without them I must say I would have been completely lost, especially when I had my first baby because I had no family around at all. I have totally used some of these pick up lines before but not in all these places. I met my mum friends at the NCT birth prep, the park and more recently nursery. We basically bonded over coffee and wine oh and having kids of course 🙂


  56. Love this!!!

    I feel that being a Linky novice and complete doofus has inadvertently become my Mum pick up line!!!

    Thanks for all your help…and for putting up with me!

    Mum friends are so fab…even when you spill wine on their carpet!

  57. Ha, ha! Love this post. Never quite thought about picking up, ahem, I mean meeting other mums in quite this way before 😉 I’ve had most of my luck in baby sensory classes – enough time and baby craziness to bond over and judge who to judge over for tea and biccies 🙂 Emily #coolmumclub

  58. This i s hilarious! Loved the laundrymat line – clearly that is where I should be picking up cool mum friends… It’s tough though isn’t it? I am pretty filthy minded, generally laid back and can’t get overly excited about organic vegetables or spin classes, yet most of the Mum’s in my area seem to be ‘yummy mummy’s’ who think I am some kind of hideous creature that should be ignored. Maybe I need to find Dad friends instead, who like beer and pool… Thanks for linking up #PuddingLove

  59. Brilliant, as always!! I can’t imagine you have trouble picking up women though, with your wit!!!!! I met some great friends at NCT, and the NHS antenatal classes, so I was pretty much set up. But I also did meet some people at baby sensory-I LOVED that group, and was devastated when the children got too old to go…! I’ve also met some nice people at the park around the corner, I go there so often, and although I haven’t met up with the mums outside of the park, us regulars will always have a chat when we meet in there! You’re right though-you can tell the unfriendly huddle who aren’t willing to let anyone else in, a mile off!!

  60. I have met many mums in the supermarket, back when I had weeny babies and they did too, and actually asked for their numbers there and then. I met a great buddy at a breastfeeding clinic talking about nipple confusion… You know where you are when you’ve already seen a potential friend’s nipples.
    Thanks for linking up to #chucklemums!

  61. Hahaha so funny! You’re so right though, there’s not many accessible cool mums to make friends with, I find them at Weight Watchers meetings too! I’m not that cool, so I can’t attract the coolest mums!


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