This is awkward.

I’m normally quite modest, but I want to give it a shot so I’m going to ask you – the people who actually like reading my blog, I know there are soooome of you out there – if you wouldn’t mind taking a second and nominate me for the Reader’s Choice for BiBs2017…….please?

Okay, as per my title this is where my butt clenched in embarrassment.

….and now it has just reminded me of my most embarrassing moment, a time when backwards caps and baggy jeans were IN. I know, scary right.

At the ripe age of fourteen, my mom signed me up for a beauty competition, I was thrilled forced to go. Two days before the competition, my mom walked into my high school English classroom, where, you know, all the “cool” kids happened to be, and brought in a box of t-shirts with my face plastered all over them with the phrase “Vote for Meagan for Miss Northern California, she is a stunna!” With a bunch of stars haloing my face. I buuuuuurned red. 

And now look at me? I’m doing it to myself! But I really want this, so it must be done. 

SO, because I am incapable of bragging about myself, I’m going to tell you why I should NOT win any other category (…except maybe Reader’s Choice…maybeeeeee….)

I don’t fit in with the cool kids

I’m not miss popular anymore (or maybe I never was, I just thought everyone in high school liked me? DUN DUN DUUUUN……. is this why someone stole all of my mom’s alcohol at that summer house party and left me a 1 dollar bill with “sorry dude you left the cabinet open -Mason” written on it?).  My blog is unique. I write what I want and I speak the truth.  I make people laugh, I make them cry, and I even make them think, sometimes I even include STATS. Holla Whaaaaaaat!

To my earlier point,

I write what I want and I speak the truth

I started this blog because I was frustrated with the ridiculousness (yes, this is a word, I looked it up) of how the modern mum was supposed to be. Confident, classy and cool. Three things that I am definitely not. Without fail, I fall in heels every. single. time. I wear them.  I listen to classical music more than pop. I sometimes dabble in gangster rap, but trust me when I say, my boyfriend’s face literally turns red when I start spitting (incorrect) lyrics in the car. It’s not cool. I am actually turned on when I get to put together a PowerPoint presentation. I love cheese, even though it makes me fart…..a lot. I get excited about a Instagram like and I write the way I speak, which probably is not winning trait in a blogger. 

I don’t follow the rules

This is scary to admit, BUT some of my posts are less than 500 words, some of them are more than 1,000. (**chomping on fingernail**) So bad. I don’t tweet or share my posts all of the time. I haven’t figured out how to optimise my site so when you search The Mum Project in Google it says all of the right things for PR agencies. I say that I vlog, but I have made 12 videos. I only post once or twice a week – kudos to those amazing bloggers who do this more often, I literally can’t do it any more than this as I have to pay the bills yo….and I actually love my job outside of this job ; ). And finally, blogging is not the end all be all of my life. I love love love blogging, but I also love my family, my career and my boyfriend. SHOCK HORROR. 

Basically I am the underdog, so this vote is plea to the people who just like me for me (love that song)……

If you have felt any jollies whilst reading my blog, please do nominate me for Reader’s Choice, the category that does not fit into a category….

I really appreciate all the love and support! This blog has given me ALL THE FEELS, and that is because of you all (…and of course shout out to my biggest fan, love you mommles!) 

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