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Your body is beautiful. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise. 

Big, small, round, pear-shaped, wide, petite, giraffe-like. Whatever shape, it is beautiful. 
Since becoming a mother my body has changed in many ways. At first it was hard for me to accept the extra belly fat that lay ever-so quietly under my jeans, popping out at the most opportune moments. However, I have come to realise that actually this fat. THIS FAT RIGHT HERE. Is awesome. I am proud to wear this extra belly fat.
dear bear letter 7
beautiful body2
Because where, and more importantly who, would I be without it. 

Let’s change the way we speak about our bodies.

The beautiful belly that rolls over your jeans is beautiful. The gorgeous scar tissue that has stretched in order for your perfect yet unperfect child to be alive. To be breathing. To be laughing. Is beautiful. The slightly droopy eye that you try to cover with eyeliner is beautiful.
Having fat is a good thing, big ears are fantastic, stretch marks are glorious. 
I’m so tired of telling myself that my body “could be this” or “if I only worked out a bit more it could be like that.” Let’s start telling ourselves MY BODY IS GREAT. PERIOD.

No ifs. My body is great. Period.

Let’s look at this objectively.
I’m only going to live on this world for one moment. I don’t want to ruin that moment with negative thoughts about myself that have been created by photo-shopped models. That have been created by superficial magazines to get you to buy superficial products that will never do what they say on the bottle. That have been created by jealous and insecure women who must put others down in order to feel a false blanket of security.
This Dove video explains in 1 minute the many, many, MANY edits and long process of choreographing and photoshopping a model to make her look “beautiful” for a beauty magazine. 
Last weekend, my friend was telling me about her friend (who is now no longer a friend) that took a photo of another woman in a bar wearing an apparently “scandalous outfit,” which she then sent to her Whatsapp group. She unashamedly mocked and teased the woman at the bar by sending horrible pictures and cruel jokes. The other women in the group decided to join in. Who gave them the right to mock this woman? She was just trying to have a nice night out. I bet she spent some time getting dressed up and trying to look good to have fun with her mates, but instead gets ridiculed and buried behind her back. 
These models, these magazines, these women breed a false illusion of sense of self and happiness. Don’t follow the herd. Be you. In all of its glory, in all of its strife, in all of its cellulite and chub and stretch marks and freckles and big thighs and crooked noses and unsymmetrical eyebrows. Be you. 
body 2

My body does not define me. 

I am my thoughts and my feelings, so if I want to be happy about my body then I need to change my thoughts.

My body carries me through life day in and day out so I’m going to be proud and respect my body by telling her that she is amazing. Telling her that she is beautiful inside and out.

Telling my body that without her I wouldn’t be here.  

I have a little test for you, look in the mirror and tell yourself three positive thoughts about your body. DO IT, if you can, every day. Let’s prevent ourselves from putting ourselves down. You are your best cheerleader, who else knows you better?

Spread the love and prevent negative thoughts about our bodies!

On Facebook or Twitter, tag a friend and share one positive aspect about their body with #PayBeautyForward and @MumProject or The Mum Project.

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32 thoughts on “#PayBeautyForward”

  1. I love this, you’ve nailed it – we need to start talking more positively about our bodies. In fact my inner monologue about my body is pretty shocking, I’m sure I’d never talk like that to a friend! Such an important message and a fantastic post xx

  2. What a fab idea Meagan – I hate all those tabloid magazines that breed hatred for other women. In fact, they are totally banned from my house. It would be so much better if we could all celebrate our bodies and tiger stripes. I must practice being kinder to myself when I look in the mirror! #stayclassy

  3. I absolutely love this. We are amazing as women, our bodies are amazing and we should be so proud of ourselves. I battled with anorexia for 18 long years and it is only now, at 36 and five children later, that I can see my body for what it is. Amazing. #stayclassymama

  4. You’ve written this beautifully (made me feel bit emotional). You’re right, bodies changed by motherhood have produced the most positive thing of all to us. Definitely be your own cheerleader. Acceptance comes easier with age and I know I am v conscious of helping my daughter feel positive, happy and confident with herself and body. And yes, stopping the circle of negativity is the answer. #stayclassymama

  5. Ah this peace with myself is what I’m trying to achieve, I just can’t get my head into that frame of mind. Hopefully some day soon.
    I can’t believe that women mock each other so much, what playground behaviour – our kids have no hope if adults still act that way!


  6. I really love this post, its so hard to come to terms with how much our bodies change after having children. Our bodies do an amazing thing and we should be so proud of that, I am just learning after having my second baby that the flaws don’t matter!


  7. Such an important message. That mockery story is hideous. It’s so sad we even have to remind each other that our bodies are amazing! People need to look at the bigger picture and be kinder. #StayClassyMama

  8. This is so positive! Keep singing this song. I like to tell my daughter how strong her legs are, that they make her run so fast. It’s true. Even though mine have started to dimple with age, my legs are strong, too. 🙂 #stayclassymama

  9. This post goes so well with my posts this week, looking at body image. You write powerfully and the use of the Dove video encapsulates and reiterates the points you make perfectly. It is so hard to be positive about ourselves, when we seem to have been conditioned by various means to criticize. It’s shocking how women mock other women. The points you make are extremely valid – I would love a world in which we all feel able to follow them. We certainly need to change the perceptions the media portray in order for this to happen, but you are right – we need to start by loving ourselves. Alison x #StayClassyMama

  10. I love this hon. I don’t know how or why we have become so negative about our bodies when they do and have done incredible things. They deserve quite a bit more…maybe like worshiping? Thanks for linking up this post to #coolmumclub we all need to shout loud about this!

  11. What a fantastic message. Especially as mums I think it’s mega important to drum this into ourselves so that we project positivity to our kids. My mum, who was never overweight until cancer drugs 12 yrs ago, spent her whole life on a diet. I grew up thinking that was normal. And I’ve also grown up with an unhealthy attitude to food. So to just feel at peace with our bodies is such a good, important message! Yey! #stayclassymama

  12. Oh I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this. That video is crazy, so much make up!! I have come to the same conclusion as you and the way I thought about it was I hope I get to grow old, and if I do, when I’m an old woman my body won’t work so well anymore. It won’t be as strong or as capable, I will have more aches and pains and restrictions. Then I would look back at this body I have in my 20’s and wish I had appreciated it, that I’d danced more and walked more and not spent my time wishing away the wrinkles, stretch marks and fat. I think it’s so sad that people find it impossible just to enjoy and like their bodies. #stayclassymama

  13. Love, love, love this! I can usually stop myself from fretting about how my body looks, especially when I focus instead on how I feel. I love being healthy and that’s more important than being a size 2.

  14. What a great idea! It’s hard to love these bodies of ours, especially when they go all weird post-baby. My big issue now is with my hair (not strictly my body, but it’s on my body, right?) – a lot fell out after I had the Popple and now it’s starting to grow back, so I have all these short hairs around my hairline. Drives. Me. Nuts. But my weird hair is a result of the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, so I’m trying to learn to love it. #stayclassymama

  15. You are so right we need to start loving ourselves more! I hated stretch marks after my first baby but after my boy I’ve learnt to love them. They are the marks left after the most wonderful thing I ever did! Like a battle wound I wear mine with pride! #stayclassymama

  16. I’m going to really try and do this. I’m so much better at praising others than I am myself – I see beauty in others that I know I would be self-critical of in myself, it’s silly. It’s amazing how, if you think of a person that you find to be beautiful, they don’t conform to the “perfect” stereotype, yet that’s what we strive for. I will try. #stayclassymama

  17. This is perfect for me at the moment. I hate my appearance at the moment. Last night I saw an awesome singer and she was chanelling Etta James so decked out in a skin tight dress and heels, over a rather rotund (? whatever that word is) body. And she was sexy and awesome. And watching her, I thought it’s attitude and confidence that does it, not the actual body. So I need to shut down the judgement (there’s this total bitch that lived in my head) and channel a bit of Etta. #Stayclassy

  18. Thank you so much for redirecting me to this post as it spoke volumes to me (and to other women alike)! From the story of the woman that posted the photo of another woman to trying to say three nice things about your body each day–just wow. I’ve learned from all of this–some of which I knew but had forgotten is so imperative to our day-to-day in this walk of womanhood–and hope to recall these instances when I’m feeling exceptionally low about my own body (i.e. today was hard for some reason). Thank you, again!! Xx, Lace #stayclassymama

  19. I think it is very difficult to take that leap to not caring what others think about your appearance but you are absolutely right. You don’t want to wake up one day in your 80’s and think of all the times you could have danced on the beach in your bikini but didn’t because your thighs wobbled too much. A lovely piece, thank you. #stayclassymama

  20. Ah! A beautiful post about our beautiful bodies. So much time literally sucked away from us with worry over nothing…who cares. We are here. The older I get, the more important it is to love and cherish the skin we are in. You are indeed one very #stayclasymama
    TY for this post.

  21. Here Here. And as a mother of two girls I feel the need, so strongly, to promote a healthy attitude towards our bodies, whatever shape they are – not always easy when we are swamped with negative messages in the media from all angles on a daily basis. But if we (as mothers) can be positive about our own bodies then we can be the best role models for our children. Let’s not fall prey to the unrealistic ideals portrayed in the media and hopefully it will rub off on our kids to some extent. #stayclassymama

  22. Love love love this! It’s awesome to see people taking part too 🙂 I thought I’d be horrified when I got stretch marks but you know what? I earned these stripes! They are my stripes of honour and they are my daily reminder (not that I need one) that I have 2 gorgeous, happy, loud…so VERY loud little boys! So to all the body shamers and haters out there…if you don’t like what you see…don’t look! x


  23. Great post and great advice! It’s hard to stay positive when you see all these images in the magazines – especially ones of celeb mums who go back to looking amazing straight away. Will remember your post and try to keep positive when I’m wearing shorts on holiday next week! #stayclassymama

  24. Amazing post and so important to all the female bodies out there whether you’ve had kids or not. Having worked in fashion, it’s shocking how much pressure there is to be a “certain way”. You’re right, our bodies are incredible. In a way my stretch marks and jelly post-birth belly (still a year on…) always remind me of giving birth any my last ever pregnancy. I can only celebrate that. Not always easy as a flat tummy would look cool at times. But hey, I’ll make do with what I have been left with, it’s all part of preserving memories of being preggers and being a mummy. Don’t think Baby Munch would be impressed with a flat belly anyway, she loves using my tummy as a cosy cushion. This really is one of the best #brillblogposts !!! serious hi-five x
    x Sunita

  25. This is fantastic. I completely agree with you on every single point you raised. Life is too short to be negative or worry about what others think of us. Let’s be healthy and happy and enjoy everyday without worrying that we have to loose a couple of pounds or our expression lines are getting deeper. x #stayclassymama

  26. I have been seeing lots of this payitforward lately and love the concept, self kindness and us being proactively kind and complimentary to other people! Before I had my son when I was a size 6 I had little body confidence…now at erm lol double that I say the same, I think if you are negative about yourself whatever you look like you will be negative..and hey today I am the youngest I will ever be again so embrace this post and you # stayclassymama

  27. God I thought I’d commented on this already sorry ! I agree 100%! Our bodies are for use not decoration, and whilst i can’t say I love my body completely I certainly don’t spend anytime worrying about it , I’ve more important things to be worrying about now ! Love the hashtag too. #stayclassymama

  28. Yep spot on, the dove video is great to show exactly what goes on when they are making the models look inch perfect. Its a hard job to stand in front of the mirror and focus on the good parts but it’s great for the soul to give it a boost, thanks:)



  29. Well said – great message! I find it hard to do myself, but you’re completely right – we should all love & appreciate our bodies. #stayclassymama

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