For me, preparing for birth is similar to getting ready for a marathon! The birth affirmations I’ve chosen could totally be used when preparing for a marathon and, in a way, could be used for life generally (see below for pretty pictures ; ) ).

For a bit more detail, here is how I’ve been preparing for my ‘marathon’:


1. Practice, practice, practice – I’ve been exercising those pelvic floor and deep breathing muscles! No joke, I have been doing kegels everyday since I became preggers, really hope it helps!

2. Stretch! – I’ve been taking yoga classes where I’ve learned more deep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and how to get into the mindset…’I am one with nature’

3. Making a schedule.…and following it – the following it part has been somewhat difficult, but I did put some time in my calendar to do listen to some hypnobirthing CDs (every three days) and MORE deep breathing exercises, 6 second breathing in and 8 seconds breathing out

4. Proper diet – now this one has actually been extremely difficult as I am the WORST cook you will ever meet. In order to combat this, I just recently order HelloFresh, which delivers healthy meals to your door, they give you the exact ingredients you need and a simple, easy to read recipe that only takes 30 mins! I cooked my boyfriend our first ‘real’ meal (aka not pasta with some chicken) since being together (we’ve been together for about 2 years now…)

5. Rest – just like training for a marathon, I needed some time off to rest those muscles and take LOTS of naps!

I am now 37 weeks and marathon day is almost here! This post is probably most relevant to people who are about to give birth however, in a way, the affirmations below are really useful for life in general! ​

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