My son and I just finished a little dance sesh.

My bum is so good at twerking now. I got that booty with all the baby fat that comes with being a mother. #thepositivesofmotherhood

We are obviously celebrating the fact that I’m a finalist for Reader’s Choice category in the #BiBs2017!!!

Holllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. For reals though? 

I was casually scrolling through the list of the other amazing, lovely bloggers, like Bridie By The Sea, White CamelliasFive Little Doves, Bell from Bow , and Just Saying Mum, all like……


and then got to Reader’s Choice and was like…


I’m not going to lie, I had to look twice. 

double take


My little ole blog, full of shit chat (literally) and other non-PC subjects like awkward places I’ve got my boobs out, why mums are gangster, how meeting my son was like going on a first date and how my womb is offended, made it on THE LIST. I cannot be happier. 

I started this blog because I wanted a place I could be honest, and what better place to do that than through writing. 

I mean, being a mum is HARD, we are on the grind day in, day out, stay at home mums, working mums, in between mums, ALL OF THEM. We work so hard to try and do it all. But I’ve come to realise that doing it all is not the same as having it all. We don’t have to be perfect, life is about the small imperfections that make us human.  

So this blog is just that, to celebrate those imperfections. To create open and honest conversations about what it’s really like to be a parent. I hope that some day all parents can feel like it’s okay to share their true feelings about parenthood, without filters. I know we all try our best, and even if we end up with coffee staines on our shirts and a matted bun on top of our head, I’m so glad to know I have this community to share my experiences with, good and bad, because that is the true beauty in being human.  


Only a week or so left, support parents who speak the truth. I would love your vote for Reader’s Choice! 



More GIFS!

What’s it’s really like being a mum

Hungover for the first time in 9 months with a new baby……

giph sad

Going to the shop to buy more milk, diapers and dinner…. leaving with a new scarf and chocolate brownies

giphy scarf

Planning to bake a cake for your hubby’s birthday, going to the grocery store and buying eggs …….and a pre-made cake

giphy birthday cake

Leave the house, need a wee, re-enter the house, have wee, leave the house, need a wee

giph wee

Explosive poo all over my new scarf

giphy poo

Leaving the house without a bra on and walking around Sainsbury’s with wet nipples

My hubby was like….

giph husband was like

Going to the bathroom on the reg…..

giphy baby



Farting and blaming it on the baby

giph fart chuffed





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