Transitioning into motherhood has been THE hardest thing I have ever done, so to have a little fun with it here is an ode to all of the things new Mums say in the first few weeks….


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17 thoughts on “Shit New Mums Say”

  1. HA, really good, fun video. Bet you’d clock up the miles using a FitBit =:0) Seriously tho, the first few months are a blur and once through the other side I missed them. Now we’ve got our second, it’s a whole new ball game.

  2. Haha, love this! I remember the leaky boobs all too well, so glad those days are over. I forgot about the whole ‘is he too hot/too cold’ thing, I used to stress about that a lot. Really funny video 🙂 xx #abitofeverything

  3. Brilliant! I so remember the constant leaky boobs and yucky breast pads. It is thankfully a distant memory now. Your baby is super cute! #abitofeverything

  4. Hahahaha brilliant! This takes me back a year, seems scary, but like yesterday now I’m thinking of that leaking and feeding and changing cycle…. and the googling EVERYTHING!

    Thanks for linking up and hope you can this week too #TheBabyFormula

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