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#StayClassy link party is a place for all you lovely bloggers to add your posts (at the bottom) and ‘link up’ with each other. Any topics are welcome! Please link up old or new posts as well.

Life is full of ups and downs and what better place to connect on these moments than through our writing. Life should be about supporting each other and having fun, whether or not you have it all together, which is how this link-up began, with so-called “classy” moments. It all stemmed from this:


Anyone wondering… what is a link party? The wonderful and amazing Becky over at Cuddle Fairy has a fantastic guide for newbies.

Welcome blogging peeps,

Sarah, my star co-host, my main B – from Admissions of a Working Mother – is back. Hollaaaaaaa! Please make sure to tag her for your posts. 

We have reached a milestone in The Bear’s life, he is now officially a business man. ; )

The Bear - 5 Months Old

I return to work on Monday next week – sad times – so I thought I would dress Bear up in appropriate attire. He’s actually a bit older than 5 months as I’m late on this update but you get my drift.

As I want to make my return to work a happy occasion, I’m going to celebrate with a ChamBong! What is a ChamBong you say? WELL, it is the most amazing new invention ever.

A classier version of a Beer Bong. See….


Let’s all do a ChamBong and continue with the party,

Last week we had some QUALITY posts. I’m loving the community here, thank you so much for the bloggers who return every week. : )

Rachel is featuring Mum Rambles who wrote a brilliant post called “The Great British Breast-Off,” I have to agree this post was excellent and really hones in on the whole “breast issue”.

I really struggled this week to choose who to feature, everyone was fabulous! However, there was one post that stuck with me the most….maybe it was the Mission Impossible theme tune ; ).

Dum dum, dur dur dum dum, dur dur dum dum, dur dur dum dum dur dur, dudel-ummmmm, dudel-ummmmm, dudel-ummmmm, dur dup!

The Aloha Mummy wrote a hilarious post called “Mission Impossible…The Crap Baskets” about how she gets her children to clean the stairs – which, might I add, are filled with thousands of random but funny items. Check it out!

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If you’re interested, you can check out last week’s link-up as well Stay Classy Link Party #13.

The Rules

(obviously this is not set in stone, as I said, sometimes life is crazy and we can’t do it all, but if you you have time please do!)

  • Add up to 2 posts (old or new), any topics welcome
  • The linky will open at 7:00am on a Thursday and close at 23:55pm on a Sunday
  • In the blogging world, we all know you get what you give, so make sure to comment on 2 posts usually the 2 before your post but I’m not strict on these things…and if you really like the post retweet them or share on Facebook, spread the love!
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