Oh hey you good-looking people!

I apologise in advance for any strange behaviour, I’m nursing a hangover….and well, nursing a baby too. Honestly, the one thing I DO miss about being pregnant is not being able to have a hangover. I only had a few drinks as well, my tolerance is not what it used to be. I’ve been sludging (is that a word?) around the house, trying to eat, then not wanting to eat, drinking loads of water, doing anything I can to keep things on an even keel with the babes. Fortunately, he is pretty chill today, maybe he knows……thank you grown-up son in the future. I love you.

Anyway enough of my sorrow, on to the fun stuff. 


#StayClassy link party is a place for all you lovely bloggers to add your posts (at the bottom, the blue inklinkz button) and ‘link up’ with each other. Any topics are welcome and happy for “non-writers” to join as well, photography, music, vloggers, the works! Please link up old or new posts as well.

Life is full of ups and downs and what better place to connect on these moments than through our writing. Life should be about supporting each other and having fun, whether or not you have it all together, which is how this link-up began, with so-called  “classy” moments.

For those of you who are new to this link-up or new to link-ups in general and wondering… what is a link party? 

Thank you so much for linking up again! I’m very pleased about the turn out and I hope you enjoyed discovering new blogs or reading some you may already know. ; )

Okay, so this week I had a very hard time choosing which post to feature. There were SO many fantastic posts, seriously I’m not just saying this, from mental health issues to very honest posts about motherhood to breast versus bottle debate to blogging tips, amazing week!

Because I loved so many posts this week I’m featuring three lovely ladies; Absolutely Prabulous, This Mum’s Life and The Butterfly Mother

Absolutely Prabulous has a series of guest bloggers that tell hilarious stories of self-inflicted disasters but also disasters inflicted by someone else, check out this week’s Oops File from Motherhood The Real Deal who has a truly classy moment at bath time!

This Mum’s Life also had a classy moment, well, actually more like an entire day. Very funny, Am I One Big Fail? 

As  I think this is a really important to topic to highlight, I also want to feature Why New Mums Will Always Break my Heart by The Butterfly Motherwho writes about her experience of PND. Although I did not have PND, I can relate. With all the drama of birth and high emotions flying around there isn’t always an instant bond with your child and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad about this.

Get excited because next week I’ll have a badge for all you lovely bloggers that I have featured! It’s going to be gooood ; )

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If you’re interested, you can check out last week’s link-up as well Stay Classy Link Party #3.

The Rules 

(obviously this is not set in stone, as I said, sometimes life is crazy and we can’t do it all, but if you you have time please do!)

  • Add up to 2 posts (old or new), any topics welcome
  • The linky will open at 6:00am on a Thursday and close at 23:55pm on a Sunday
  • In the blogging world, we all know you get what you give, so make sure to comment on 2 posts usually the 2 before your post but I’m not strict on these things…and if you really like the post retweet them or share on Facebook, spread the love!
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11 thoughts on “Stay Classy Link Party #4”

  1. I’m horribly behind on commenting (erm which I’m sort of writing about eek!) but thanks so much for hosting and featuring my guest post this week! Great little blog you have here x

  2. I believe I missed the last two weeks. My health has not been good so I’ve been really struggling. I hope everyone is having an awesome day and I am ready to #stayclassy.

  3. I am trying to stay classy, I really am, by joining and commenting :). Hope I’m worthy … (PS I definitely have the milky boob stains to prove it this morning!) Thanks for hosting and happy, happy Easter 🙂 #stayclassy

  4. Yes, absolutely! I am just doing my bra up now … having had that exact problem minutes ago! 🙂

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