This week has been horrendous. I’ve been trying to study for an exam while my 3 month old “naps” AKA a 20 minute power hour where I frantically try and absorb as much information in 17 minutes and 20 seconds so I have 2 minutes and 40 seconds for a wee and an apple.

It feels as if he knows I am not able to give him my full attention so he enjoys waking up every 20 minutes (..after 30 minutes of rocking, swaying, swaddling) bright eyed, smiling and cooing, “Mom, play with me!” WELL, good thing I still have some brains left and I can outsmart him! “Here is a shiny, colourful toy my son.” ; )

Anyway, I’ve linked up a slightly old post because I haven’t had any time to blog : (. If you are in a more happy-go-lucky mood, this post may tickle your fancy.


#StayClassy link party is a place for all you lovely bloggers to add your posts (at the bottom, the blue inklinkz button) and ‘link up’ with each other. Any topics are welcome and happy for “non-writers” to join as well, photography, music, vloggers, the works! Please link up old or new posts as well.

Life is full of ups and downs and what better place to connect on these moments than through our writing. Life should be about supporting each other and having fun, whether or not you have it all together, which is how this link-up began, with so-called  “classy” moments.

For those of you who are new to this link-up or new to link-ups in general and wondering… what is a link party? 

Now, on with the show!

AGAIN this week, we had some AMAZING posts. I’m feeling pretty jammy right now because somehow I think this linky has attracted fantastic bloggers! ; ) Although this is making it extremely difficult to decide my favourites.

Not only can I massively relate to this post, but this blogger had me laughing the entire way through, Sarah and Louise with Doing Battle with ‘The Bulge’.

Admissions of a Working Mum wrote a fabulous post called I Take Days Off and Don’t Spend Them with my Son about the long-lost “me time” that parents never seem to get anymore. I think it’s so important to have some time for yourself because it’s not only good for you but for everyone else around you. You should also check out The Homeless Period, a fantastic campaign for homeless woman who do not have any sanitary items during “that time of the month”! Can you imagine not having a tampon during that time?

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If you’re interested, you can check out last week’s link-up as well Stay Classy Link Party #5.

The Rules 

(obviously this is not set in stone, as I said, sometimes life is crazy and we can’t do it all, but if you you have time please do!)

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