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#StayClassyMama link party is a place for all you lovely bloggers to add your posts (at the bottom) and ‘link up’ with each other. Any topics are welcome! Please link up old or new posts as well.

Life is full of ups and downs and what better place to connect on these moments than through our writing. Life should be about supporting each other and having fun, whether or not you have it all together, which is how this link-up began, with so-called “classy” moments. It all stemmed from this:


Anyone wondering… what is a link party? The wonderful and amazing Becky over at Cuddle Fairy has a fantastic guide for newbies.

Welcome party people,

Very EXCITING news! We are having our first annual #StayClassyMama Awards!

My co-hostess Sarah, from Admissions of a Working Mother, and I wanted to find a way to have fun and show appreciation for the amazing bloggers that keep returning to #StayClassyMama each week! : ) There are so many fabulous and wonderful bloggers in this community, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading every single blog. These awards are just for some fun, so don’t take it TOO seriously (I know how we can all get) ; ).


Luckily the awards are online, so nobody will be doing this…..

awards falling

We have chosen six categories; most classy (obvs), most funny, best writer, most social, best newbie and greatest Dads. For each category we have around six nominees. DUN DUN DUUUUUN.

We will be announcing the winners at the 20th link party (Thursday, July 14). Each category will have a professional tongue-in-cheek badge that you can add to your lovely site. 

Now let me introduce you to the first annual #StayClassyMama Awards! Here are the nominations….

Let’s Get Real Classy Mama Award (real Mama)

Classy Award

Five Little Doves with Losing my Shit
Life, Love and Dirty Dishes with Where Do Babies Come From? 
Fizzy Jazzle with Get Your Will Off Your Plate
Motherhood IRL with Disastrous Sunday Adventure
This Mum’s Life with Being Scouted
Sarah and Louise with Stop Licking the Car
Beauty, Baby and Me with Poo Gate
Just Saying Mum with Parenting the Ab Fab Way!

Make You Pee Your Pants Award (funny)

funny award

Just Saying Mum with Parenting the Ab Fab Way!
Occupation (M)other with Pregnancy Etiquette Guide

The Parenting Jungle with Mummy I am Going to Poo in my Spiderman Onsie 

Fresh Princess of Blogging Air Award (newbie)fresh prince award

Written Like Picasso Paints Award (creative/writer)

picasso award

Queen Latifah Loud Mouth Award (social butterfly)

queen latifah award

Call Me Big Poppa Award (daddy)

big poppa award

Please send your nominations to and,

Just copy and paste the below and add your favourite blogger!

  1. Let’s Get Real Classy Mama Award:
  2. Make You Pee Your Pants Award:
  3. Fresh Princess of Blogging Air Award:
  4. Written Like Picasso Paints Award:
  5. Queen Latifah Loud Mouth Award:
  6. Call Me Big Poppa Award:

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If you’re interested, you can check out last week’s link-up as well Stay Classy Mama Link Party #16.

The Rules

(obviously this is not set in stone, as I said, sometimes life is crazy and we can’t do it all, but if you you have time please do!)

  • Add up to 2 posts (old or new), any topics welcome
  • The linky will open at 7:00am on a Thursday and close at 23:55pm on a Sunday
  • In the blogging world, we all know you get what you give, so make sure to comment on 2 posts usually the 2 before your post but I’m not strict on these things…and if you really like the post retweet them or share on Facebook, spread the love!
  • Would be great if you commented on the hosts blog too!
  • Please add the badge to the bottom of your page, it looks super cool anyway ; )
  • To generate even more talk about your post, tweet @MumProject and @AdmofaWorkMum you have posted using #StayClassyMama. I’ll share on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as well.
  • When commenting on other people’s posts use #StayClassyMama so we know which link-up you are coming from

If you can please follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagram, & Pinterest that would be great! I can tag you when I share your posts! Thanks again!

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14 thoughts on “Stay Classy Mama Link Party #17 AND AWARD NOMINATIONS!”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVED reading this. So clever and thank you so much for nominating me, I never get nominated for anything. I love the category you’ve stuck me in an’ all!!!! xxxx

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination. We’ve just voted for our faves! Loved reading so many great posts this evening.. stayed up way too late, but worth it 🙂 #StayClassyMama

  3. Your blog definitely looks like it should be a princess of some sort ; ) haha! But for real, you have such a lovely blog!

  4. Yay! Thanks for voting! I know so many wonderful bloggers, but especially love yours, you always make me laugh. : )

  5. No probs, love your blog and especially that post, was literally LOLing at my computer screen!

  6. Heheh I absolutely love your blog girl and you are a social butterfly and everybody loves you, this is a good fit! : )

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