Oh hi, sorry I didn’t notice you there, I am in a daze from lack of sleep and never ending illnesses given to me from my child.

I don’t know what the f**k I was thinking when I decided to have a child.

And then ..when I decided to go back to work early from mat leave. This. Is. So. Hard. I’m serious, how do you guys do it? I don’t understand how I am supposed to be a smart, successful business woman on no sleep, but guess what, I f**king do it.

On the days when I do get a good night’s sleep I overcompensate and work until I die (not that I don’t do well on the days I am sleep deprived).

I give myself a very hard time. Yet here I am 9:22pm, blogging after a seriously hard, long, exhausting day at work after a night of broken sleep. Surely this isn’t the right balance?

This woman in a meeting yesterday was complaining about how her flight from Spain got in late (….10:30pm) because of the busy bank holiday weekend and how TIRED she was because she only got to bed around 12am. F**cking shoot me. ONE You went to Spain on a holiday without a baby! AMAZING…and TWO for the last four night’s I think I have had a total of five hours broken sleep whilst being sick from a stomach bug my son gave me ON MY BIRTHDAY and on Monday night (the night she “went to bed late”) he woke up every hour on. the. dot. because of a fever and teething. I was sitting on the opposite side of the table like….


Secretly thinking…..


But you know what I did instead. I smiled at her….


…..and said “Aw that sucks, hopefully tonight you’ll have a better night sleep.” I didn’t mention my horrendous illness where I was puking my guts every thirty minutes, or the sleep deprivation or that I probably haven’t had a full night’s sleep in nine months and her glorious six hours is a dream I would write a speech about….

But this is what it means to be a mother, right.

Anyway, I’m sorry for this terrible off load of my feelings. I’m so glad that I have this blog and this lovely link party, and you wonderful people who understand what I am going through. So on a positive note,

Here are the lovely posts that Sarah and I want to feature this week,

I’m featuring Four Princesses and the Cheese with “Were Those Vaginal Babies?” because this woman is my hero, four kids, a pair of them twins, and the inappropriate questions she gets asked almost daily! Also, she is hilarious. 

Sarah’s pick is Bridie by the Sea with “Our First Family Holiday,” Sarah said… I love Bridget’s blog and reading about her family. Looks like they had a fab time, despite the flight experience!

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