I know, I know…… I’m not supposed to be planning my own baby shower, but I had to help a little bit! I wanted to share these baby shower ideas as they are quite amazing and hilarious.
A coworker also mentioned that they went down very well at the baby shower that she planned (i.e. it wasn’t a boring tea party where everyone sat around awkwardly trying to make conversation). Here you go:
Sperm in the Hole – they made sperm and created an egg andPicture you had to throw the sperm in the egg. To buy: Cardboard with hole in it, markers, white cloth
Having a baby relay – it’s like flip cup, everybody lines up one on each side, they blow up the balloon then have to stick it underPicture their shirt and pop the balloon, then the next person goes, then the first team to finish wins. To buy: Balloons, pins
Baby ice cube – melting the ice cube the fastest and then yell out ‘My water broke’  (Amazon – you can buy mini babies online and then put them in ice cube packs). To buy: Ice cubes, mini babies
Bet the weight or time of birth – we can all bet monies on when the baby will actually be born and how much he’ll weigh. To buy: Paper, markers
Design your own baby gro – Need to buy a bunch of plain white ones. To buy: Baby gros, markers, glitter pens. Example from my sister’s baby shower below : )

Playdough baby – make a baby out of play dough. To buy: Playdough
Pin the dummy on the baby – like pin the tail on the donkey but we’ll do it baby style. To buy: Big baby, dummie pictures (printed out)

Scrap book – write a piece of advice, something they used to do when they were young that they liked doing, guess the name and the weight

For anyone planning a baby shower, hope this help! : )
(a more in depth list can be found here The Bump)

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