And we’re off to Vernazza, Italy!

…see we have sunglasses on



This is a much needed holiday. In the last two months, we have been on bunny energiser mode. Every weekend, seeing friends, going around town with my Mom (who has been living with us the last three months), buying baby items, working, music festivals, clubbing (..well until 9pm when I get tired and go home), brunches, pilates and cycling classes. I haven’t had a break since the summer began.
On top of this busy non-stop schedule, we have had some MAJOR life changes: New job, Baby, Moving house, Mother living in our house with us for three months (she leaves this week, I am sad to see her go), Masters degree (starts end of Sept)


My goal for this trip is to explore the city…slowly. Smell the roses! Find zen. Meditate. Watch the ocean waves and eat pasta and seafood (well, only if it’s cooked!).

So I’ve found a few things to do on our lovely ‘babymoon’
Top 5 Things to do in Vernazza
Hiking on Cinque Terre – although I am 6 months pregnant, I still exercise quite frequently so unless this is up a humungous hill, I’m doing it! This is one of the most famous hikes as it connects Vernazza with other towns along the coast. Should be quite a beaut!
The Beach – we have three to choose from: Vernazza, Monterosso el Mare, & Guvano Beach. This is most likely where I will spend all of my time. Am I supposed to cover my belly from the sun? …yes you can, but you need to be careful as you can overheat, said Babycentre
Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia in Vernazza – to take pictures of? Apparently this is one of the most picturesque places in town.
Day Trip to Pisa – as Cinque Terre is so close to Pisa and we are staying for 5 days, we thought it might be nice to visit the cities around. Things to see in Pisa: famous tower, the gorgeous cathedral, & the baptistery on the same square

I’ll be sure to take a lot of photos and do another update after the trip! Potentially even bump photos that will be remembered forever so when Cody (yes, this is the name we’re thinking for him) is older he can look back on these as his first trip to another country! : )

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