happy new mum


I created Happy New Mum, a place where mums can have open and honest conversations about motherhood. Happy New Mum hosts many different bloggers from all over the world, so please do come join us! I will be writing over there more often over the coming months. 

As the world becomes more fragmented, community life becomes stagnant, cities become taller, and families become smaller, as new mums, we find ourselves lost. Thrown into a sea of anxious Google searches and emotionally strung community forums, highly targeted online ads for useless baby products, pressure from the media (and other women) to breastfeed, and lack of support from businesses on paternity leave, how do we even cope?

Happy New Mum started because a new mum was having a hard time accepting her new life and she wanted to create a space for other mums who need support.

Being a mum fills our hearts with happiness and love, but in other ways it makes us feel inept and frankly, insane. The emotional reality of it all is quite mixed. Happy New Mum is the real experience, from real mums. Making maternal mental health mainstream.

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