My role as “woman” has been accidental.

I’m caring, I’m kind, I like connecting with people and being a part of a community. You could say these traits make me a woman, which have all come quite naturally to me……..I think

In my relatively short time being a mum – although according to the bags under my eyes it looks like it’s been DECADES – I’ve found that from a very young age boys and girls behave in different ways.

I watched my friend’s little girl sit quietly in the corner and stack her blocks one by one to make sure they didn’t fall over.

Then BOOM. With one kick, my son knocks them all over like a ninja turtle karate chopping a board for the last slice of pizza. 

He is constantly on the move. He’ll topple over couches and generally bosh his way all over town – and by town I mean our living room. Even on my best days – three coffees down – I still need a little sit down. But this boy is CRAY.

So as you can see, from my very in-depth observational experiment, boys and girls are in fact different.

And even I, like the little girl, sat quietly and played with my blocks, and naturally tended to my stuffed animals. But what does this mean for me now? 

Do I like doing the dishes more than my other half?

doing dishes

Do I want to stay at home and take care of the children? 


Do I enjoy baking? 


In the year 2017, you could argue these stereotypes have changed dramatically. We don’t have to clean the dishes, we don’t have to stay at home and take care of the children, we don’t even have to do the laundry anymore – the man is expected to do his part now.

But even though lifestyles have changed and women are – according to some – equal to men, do we really have a choice and have stereotypes really changed? 

Being a woman now means, 

Making the perfect picture frame book for my son that I saw on Pinterest


Wearing a black dress and heels to work.

working women

Listening to Katy Perry…..?

katy perry

And baking is definitely still a thing.


The stereotypes have been modernised but are still blatantly staring at you through Instagram filters and celebratory hashtags. #Winning And when we don’t fit into the role you can hear it in the the hush of silence, and see it in the blank stares. It’s there.

But to be honest I don’t really have an answer here, all I have is one big fat question mark.

Women in 2017 are strong, women in 2017 have a choice, women in 2017 have a voice.

Sort of……Did I mention there are more male CEO’s named John than woman CEO’s overall? Or that women make 16% less than their male counterparts? 

Women have accomplished many, many, MANY things over decades, fighting the fight, and yet in the year 2017 during the warm, sunny month of July you can still feel the mugginess of inequality gleaning on your skin. 

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