You are in for a big surprise. Everything you think right now about having a child is wrong. So take a moment and remember this quote.  life is short smie teeth final And now for the list. 

  1. The poo is not that bad.
  2. But it’s worth knowing what kind of diapers to get just in case you have an explosive poo.
  3. Your average tube journey will now feel like a mission into the trenches of World War II.
  4. When you are finally able to go out on the town with the girls, you’re social skills will have downgraded to cooing and nodding “yes”.
  5. You do not know what tired means.
  6. You will use your nipple as a weapon to get the baby to sleep. 
  7. Your bus journey will no longer be suited up men and women staring at their iPhones, but old granny’s yelling at you to stop talking so loudly on your phone.
  8. You will be a new you, a more tired, yet better you.
  9. Your boobs will be bigger, but you won’t feel that sexy in them because you begin to realise what they are actually supposed to do. Feed someone.
  10. Right after the baby is born, your intellectual skills will be more like a 7, but overtime it will go up a bit, maybe an 8.5 on good days.
  11. You will discover new emotions, mostly all of the emotions converging into one. I call it blurredom (extremely bored but stupidly happy and excited).
  12. The moment you hold your baby, you will transcend. It is surreal. It’s not really an ecstatic happy feeling but more of a “what the f*** just happened, and is this actually my baby?” feeling.
  13. I know your pregnancy feels like it’s taking forever, but it is seriously worth it in the end. Enjoy your last few weeks of being on your own and having “me” time. Go do as many “me” things as possible.
  14. You are going to forget all of the information you are reading about babies because your brain will not work properly for the first couple months. Most of it is just trial and error so try not to fret on the small stuff.
  15. However, DO read about breastfeeding. It is much more difficult than you think. Maybe even go to some breastfeeding classes.
  16. Your nipples are going to hurt. And you will be concerned about how much milk your baby is getting, but don’t worry it all evens out in the end.
  17. You know those hypnobirthing classes you’re taking? They are going to help you more after the birth when you are extremely tired and stressed and need to “re-center”. It might be worth learning how to meditate and getting into a routine on this now. This is going to help you for the rest of your life.
  18. You are never going to sleep in again. Today I felt lucky that he woke up at 8am instead of 6am.
  19. Look into getting a regular massage therapist.
  20. A single smile makes it all worth it.
  21. Build up those guns because no matter how light he actually weighs, he feels like a bag of bricks.
  22. Live each day as it comes, you’ll be much happier this way.
  23. Your house will not be tidy, but don’t sweat it. It’s not as important as you think.
  24. No matter how many cots, slings, push chairs, swings you buy, you are far more comfortable to sleep on.
  25. No matter how many toys, stuffed animals, play mats you buy, you are far more interesting to play with.
  26. Don’t stress about how many times he pooed a day or how much sleep he is getting, if he is getting fatter and growing he’s perfect.
  27. At first it may just feel overwhelming and scary, but once that fades, you will begin to love this little person more than anything else in the entire world.
  28. And you will be more happy than you have ever been in your life.
  29. Just remember, it’s all worth it in the end.


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53 thoughts on “Things I wish I could tell my pregnant self”

  1. Lovely post. I think all pregnant women would benefit from this as it seems to be all the stuff they need to know that midwives etc don’t tell you. Love the quote about smiling while you still have teeth 🙂 Thanks for hosting #candidcuddles

  2. I read this with a smile on my face and maybe a few tears in my eyes! It’s pretty much what I would tell myself if I could go back. It really is all worth it in the end isn’t it! x #CandidCuddles

  3. Thanks! I think I’m going to send this list out to my friends once they get pregnant, just as a warning….or maybe it’s better that we don’t know? Ha ha!

  4. What a great list and quote. There are so many on there I wish I had said to myself when pregnant:) This is totally getting bookmarked for when I have another, thanks for sharing #CandidCuddles

  5. Great pre pregnancy list! When everyone kept telling me to get as much sleep as I could – I was completely baffled! Obviously now I know why. #candidcuddles

  6. Love this! Everything is so relatable especially the nipples hurting. Someone told me to brush my nipples with toothbrushes to toughen them up a couple months before the baby came…they weren’t kidding. Thanks for co-hostessing #candidcuddles.

  7. I wish I’d done more me things! I had so much planned for my maternity leave pre-baby weeks, but then found my brain had turned to mulch. I assume there is some sort of direct brain matter transfer going on in that last month?! #bigpinklink

  8. Haha agreed. The only problem is it’s not like the sleep I had during pregnancy adds up so that I’m not tired after the child’s born?! Sleep just doesn’t add up like that.

  9. Aaah, a beautiful and honest list!! I was nodding away to most of it!! I think the only one I didn’t do was take time for myself at the end. I was in so much pain, and only sleeping an hour each night at best! I just needed it to be over! I must be the only person on the planet who got more sleep once the baby was born!! And both of mine have always thought I am the best thing to sleep on, and to play with! Thanks so much for sharing with #bigpinklink!

  10. haha i was literally nodding along to every single one of these !! people without children do NOT understand tiredness! fact. I wish I had taken some more me time before the little monster was born! :p #candidcuddles

  11. Oh gawd those last few weeks must’ve been tough only sleeping an hour : (, they definitely were for me but more psychologically as he was so effing late! (42 weeks) I needed that sucker out! Haha

  12. Ha! This is absolutely true, do you really reach 8.5 some days?!? I still don’t and my girls are 20 & 12 ha! The sleep thing is serious because once they had to get up to go to school, they wanted to sleep in but not at the weekend. I love the teeth quote because mine were never the same after the early stages of pregnancy. Another great post. Thank you for hosting #candidcuddles xx

  13. I love all of this advice! No.11 rang really true for me – I remember being in the hospital holding my baby and thinking ‘what just happened’ while also on some kind of weird ‘I feel like superwoman’ high – it was just surreal! I also miss sleep, but still don’t understand the people who told me to make the most of it while I was pregnant – I didn’t sleep during pregnancy either!! #bigpinklink

  14. Haha!! You do because then they go out at night and don’t come home until the morning, you will never sleep again haha! X

  15. Great post, so true. I wish I knew the things I know now after having a baby. The one thing I would tell myself is to enjoy your kids while they are small the precious moments go by too fast. Thanks for sharing #candidcuddles

  16. i love the fact that we are anew us, a very tired but better version of us! Great list #candidcuddles

  17. This is the most perfect post lovely! It’s everything you wish you could know ahead of time but they are all things you can’t know until you have your precious baby. Thanks so much for co-hosting with me this week x #candidcuddles

  18. I love this! Number 4 especially. A few of my friends are currently pregnant, and I smile whenever they complain about not getting enough sleep, and being tired. (It only gets better.) 😉

  19. So true and v. funny! Shame about the boobs though, I was looking forward to my new sexy cleavage – with a baby attached it just isn’t quite the same lol #TheBabyFormula

  20. I can totally relate to this. I definitely wish I’d taken more ‘me’ time when I was pregnant – I didn’t know how much I’d miss it! Tired has definitely taken on a whole new meaning – last night I was up nearly every hour with a sniffly baby. Now she’s napping in the baby carrier while I stand here and rock for the next hour. Parenting, eh? #TheBabyFormula

  21. So true-and a very positive list, whereas I sometimes feel like if I was a mother-to-be reading these sorts of posts I would be terrified, but these are actually all quite non-scary! #theBabyFormula

  22. Damn girl that’s rough! But I know exactly what you’re going through, the rocking thing is really getting to me though I finally bought a rocking chair (which sometimes works)!

  23. I posted a comment on here but not sure if it went through. Just wanted to reiterate that I love this post – Number 1 is bang on. It’s NOT that bad #themumformula xx

  24. I agree with most of this! Especially sore nipples, 6am wake ups and me time is an absolute must! I wrote a post on 11 things to do before baby arrives…. so that is the one thing that I really thing pregnant ladies should pay attention to, doing things for them. #TheBabyFormula

  25. Yes! I wish I had done more with myself, I should have planned a spa day a month! You don’t realise how much time you lose for yourself until the child is here. Thanks for hosting!

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