I have quotes on my wall throughout the house. I have always put motivational, inspirational, humorous quotes on my wall since high school. They are a bit more “classy” or grown-up now. But never the less, they are quotes that make me feel motivated to do well in my career, or be more happy on a daily basis, or remind me of a fantastic moment in my life.

This quote “Love You to the Moon and Back,” is actually a framed photo my Mom gave me when she visited  me during the time my son was born.

This quote reminds me of what a great mother she is. She arrived from California at my 40 week mark, still pregnant. She was worried that she was going to miss the birth as the due date was December 8th and she was arriving on December 13th. Boy, was she wrong! (birth story here)

I was very, very sad and anxious that I was still pregnant. Every week that passed felt like a year and every hour felt like a day. I’m so happy that my Mom was there to distract me and help me get through this tough time. It’s funny because now that I think about it, the only tough part about it was the waiting, it wasn’t anything physical, it was all in my head. But damn, was it hard.

Everyday my Mom planned something fun. Went to the park, went for a nice lunch, bought a few items for the baby, walked around town in Santa hats (let me remind you, it was only December 15th at this point)…

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And finally, when little Bear decided to start making an appearance, my Mom was there, waiting patiently and kindly. The labour was 3 days. 

The first 24 hours were at home. She was there for me, while I had contractions consistently, every 5 minutes. She brought me water and food, even though I wasn’t hungry. She stayed calm and collected. She reminded me of the birth affirmations that we put up on the living room wall together (….we went a bit overboard, but what else did we have to do while waiting for him to arrive!).

birth affirmations on wall at home

When we were finally admitted into the labour ward (we had gone back and forth three times already). She patiently sat in the waiting room for more than 48 hours. She told me later that she watched other pregnant woman go in and out of the ward and made friends with their parents, relatives, friends that were in there as well.

She could have gone home to sleep as it was  fairly obvious from the first 24 hours (getting to only 1 cm dilated) that it might take a while. But she wanted to be close to me to make sure she was there if anything happened.

She routinely checked in on me and brought me things from the hospital cafe, even though again, I was not hungry and later on, was not allowed to eat anything. She brought me flowers and blue balloons. She checked in with the midwives. I was very anxious and scared, but knowing she was there helped me enormously.

And finally, on December 23 at 4:34pm, little Bear arrived. Once all of the doctors and midwives cleared out of the room, my Mom came to meet him. She was the happiest Grandma in the world (although she wants to be called “Gee Gee” because its cool).



I had to stay in the post-natal ward as there were a few complications. Unfortunately, they do not allow men in the ward. This was frightening news to me, as I really needed him that night. I was left bloody and bruised with this tiny human being that I didn’t really know how to take care of, probably the most vulnerable I will ever feel in my life, and I didn’t have the support of my partner.

Thank god, my Mom was allowed to stay. She sat in the chair beside my bed and helped me look after Bear the whole night. I truly needed her the night and I am so happy she was there.

The next week was very tough. And my Mom was there every step of the way, cooking meals, cleaning the house, taking care of me. I don’t know what I would do without her. And while I always knew that she loved me more than anything else in the world, I finally truly understand what that love means.

This quote, which casually sits next to my pregnancy and birth photos, “Love You to the Moon and Back,” means so much more to me then anybody will ever know.

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17 thoughts on “To Mom: “Love You to the Moon and Back””

  1. Oh what a really lovely lovely post. This is everything that is right with a mother and daughter relationship. What a wonderful support she has been for you and what an amazing GeeGee she must be too. I hate when they kick the men out. My second I had at a birth centre and my husband got to stay the whole time I was there. Such a massive difference from my first hospital birth. I’m so glad that you have such a wonderful woman in your life. Thanks for giving me the feel goods and linking up with our #bigpinklink

  2. I love all the photos it looks like you have not just a great mum, but a great friend in one another. I am also lucky to have an awesome mum and that first week after all my children were born I really needed her, even now they are older I still have days where I desperately need her. Being a mum can be so tough, but also the best thing ever. I am sure your mum will adore this post! Linked up after you at #bigpinklink

  3. Oh your mum sounds like a god send – bless her! That is the sort of mum that I am aspiring to be. Thank you for sharing this lovely story and great quote, I always say this to my girls and had it engraved on their key rings when we moved house. Thank you for linking up to #candidcuddles xxx

  4. Ah this is so nice! Your mom is such a special lady. I love the photos of you two together & her holding her grand baby! Oh it’s so sweet. I love that quote, it’s a great way to describe the immense amount of love a mother has for her child. #candidcuddles

  5. What a beautiful post – your mum sounds amazing! Mums are the best 🙂 I particularly LOVED the notes your mum wrote to you, so sweet xxx #bigpinklink #triballove

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