I’ve been somewhat limited with what I can do with my 3 month old, as much as I love playing “hold the colourful, dangly ball and bat it with your hand,” it can be somewhat tedious. I started to browse Amazon (my daily ritual at 6:07am) and tried to find a couple more interesting toys. Mission failed.

But this got me thinking, what will my son be playing with when he’s 11, 12 ….17? It will be …oh god, using baby brain…ughhh….nooo….2033!

And what about our grandkids, they may be able to take a trip to Mars! I’ve done a bit of research and we are already on our way to a Minority Report-esque world. While it may not be when my son is 17, it is looking very possible when his son is 17. Future electronics will go way beyond the iPad using holograms and other virtual reality technology. (.. I can’t even imagine my Mom trying to use a hologram…)

Anyway, here are a few toys which have either already been developed or will be developed very soon.

Coding for Kids 

Linkitz is a wearable toy that teaches children how to code. Studies have found that children learn more effectively when they interact with the physical world (this is also proven for adults as well). This wearable allows children to put together links and use them in different combinations in the real world. (better brush up on my HTML5!)

Similarly, Robot Turtles, is a connected board game that teaches children programming through games and an interactive ebook.

future toys linkitzfuture toys linkitz2

Compose Yourself

This is my favourite as I love music and believe it’s important for children’s development. Utilising interactivity with the external world, Compose Yourself, created by world-famous composer and cellist, Maestro Philip Sheppard, is a game where kids create music in the physical world. They arrange the cards in a visual pattern, enter the codes onto the site and listen to their piece play by a full symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. “There are over 1 billion melodies you can create!”

ComposeYourselfCardsInPlayfuture toys compose yourself

Virtual Reality Gaming

this is an obvious one, but imagine the FUN! I would totally be up for playing this with my son. Kids are be able to step into the world of their favourite movie or, better yet, create their own world. I might just buy this one now…

Disney has already developed Playmotion, a new toy platform created in partnership with Hasbro, designed to imitate the movie: The Avengers.


a cool bracelet that turns everything you touch into a sound interactive toy. Kids can fight with toy pirate swords; be the new Jimi Hendrix and play air guitar; be the Little Mermaid with a fin that flaps in the ocean (uh hello, I would have LOVED this).


Powaband is a wristband that tracks physical activity. Children collect points by exercising, which then can be used to unlock gaming time on Xbox One, PS4, Wii and smartphones. Powaband is still being developed, but what a great way to tire the kids out, right?!


Lumo Projector is an interactive virtual game which projects images onto the floor and children physically play a game. A toy that was just developed last year, Lumo is launching more than 100 games, but the company said it will be opening up a software development kit (SDK) to developers who could potentially make their own games and apps available for projection. A great way to get your kids off their butts!

future toys interactive floorfuture toys interactive floor2


This isn’t a new technology but a new way of thinking about how toys have a major impact on our children’s development and behaviour. Generally, toys developed in the past have been made male-specific like building blocks or female-specific like hair or bracelet kits with dolls. Goldieblox is a toy directed at girls but with a building aspect. The slogan is, “Let’s get girls building.”

future toys girls2future toys girls

A report from international research consultancy firm Latitude found that kids are are more savvy at predicting that the future of technology.

They believe future technology will better integrate digital experiences with real-world places and activities, which they’ve already mentioned a few inventions that are already being developed.

A drawing from an 11-year-old predicts future computers will become three-dimensional and have a keyboard controlled by voice.
Credit: Female, 11, Copenhagen, Denmark, via Latitude

future toys kids drawing

And this 11 year-old girl is not far off…

Quantum Computer

This is a big one. Google and Nasa collaborated to build the D-Wave X2 quantum computer which the Telegraph reports is 3,600 times faster than a supercomputer at solving complex problems. This is happening right now, which means that our children or grandchildren will have computers that know more about themselves than they do…. the ultimate gaming experience …NASA at their fingertips! “It is truly disruptive technology that could change how we do everything,” said Deepak Biswas, director of exploration technology at NASA’s Ames research centre in California.

future toys quantum computer

Computer Chips in the Brain

Back in 2014, Obama had plans to improve the mental health of US soldiers and veterans by placing computer chip in the brain that helps with post-traumatic stress disorder and arthritis. The computer chip could be implanted within the brain’s tissue to help regulate the nervous system. Bestselling author and journalist Annie Jacobsen says Darpa is already implanting computer chips into the brains of wounded US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

As this is already a reality, I can only imagine how this will be utilised in the future for our children. Ordering Domino’s pizza just by thinking ‘pizza’ anyone??

future toys compuer chip

And interestingly, Business Insider asked kids about the world in 2050 and Their Answers Are Mind-Blowing

What kind of toys do you think will be developed for our children? 

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49 thoughts on “Buzz Lightyear is so 1995: Toys of the Future”

  1. Wow! I feel so out of date! I get upset at people when they tell me to limit my children’s electronic play. Like, HELLO their whole lives are going to be revolved around electronics and I want them to know how to use them, fix them, work with them. I still make sure they get outside and play plenty but if it’s yucky out I would rather them be learning something new on their tablet than watching a brainwashing cartoon. Great post! I am popping over from #bestandworst.

  2. Exactly, they’re going to be using technology way more than we ever did and so they should know how to use them! It’s great how they are developing apps that are interactive games so children can learn through the iPad and interacting with the physical world.

  3. This is an amazing post! I expected a rant about mobiles replacing traditional toys but this is something else!

    I always joke that my lovingly collected video game library (y’know, for the kids…) will just be the oldest of hat compared to games beamed into their minds and VR platform games. Mario? Pfft…

    The possibilities around music are incredible and I love the potential of some of those ideas.

    Thank you so much for this eye opening post!


  4. Hahah I hope Mario doesn’t die! I loved playing that with my brother…..and later 007 on PlayStation, our grandkids are going to laugh when they find out we played with remote controls…they’ll just be using mind control. ; )

    Totally agree, there is so much they can do with music, I can’t wait to see what they come up with! Musical food that teaches children different food groups? Side note: There is an alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of your favorite food…or the smell of anything really.

    Double side note: Amazon is coming out with Alexa, a voice activated Robot (pretty much), you can ask her anything and she will search the web for the answer, she also learns your likes/dislikes, imagine what will be available for our kids?

  5. It’s incredible how far technology has come in such a short space of time and it’s incredible to think what advances will be made in our children’s lifetimes. Exciting and scary at the same time…we just had Atari, lol! Great piece, there are a few of these I will be checking out! #stayclassy

  6. My children are already super tech savvy. They have their own phones which we use as tablets. It helps they to learn and read! My daughter chats with her aunts and that helps her to read and write (type) in a fun social way. I would love to have these things to be able to do them with our children. The brain chip is way too much and I don’t care how it can help. Who knows what they are really putting in your brain.

  7. oh my gosh this post blows my mind, I feel so behind the times watching and reading this. My son is 6 and just got his first 3DS and Wii U, he loves them, but I think I am behind a bit #stayclassy

  8. Wow, some seriously cool toys! Although like you say what will they producing in 10 or even 20 years time. I am slightly scared as I am so rubbish with technology. I can only just about manage twitter!! #FabFridaypost

  9. Oh, my, goodness…!!!!! I thought I was going to come away from this feeling nostalgic for the toys of ‘days gone by,’ and feeling frightened for the future of our children! But I’m actually seriously impressed, despite myself, because there’s some very useful/educational ideas here!! I can’t imagine any of them yet as an actual reality in my home, although I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time! What an eye opener!

  10. Wow! Most of these look amazing. It’s crazy to think of all the things that will be available. Holograms will be awesome though…did you ever see Jem and the Holograms?! Haha. #StayClassy

  11. Wow I had no idea about any of these toys! They all look amazing and yet I imagine, expensive!! It’s exciting to think what they can create these days but I still love to see my children play with traditional toys and make believe while they are young. #stayclassy

  12. Eek, terrifying! I can’t even think about most of these. I may be a Luddite, but I can’t help thinking life was easier when all you got in your Christmas stocking was an orange. #StayClassy

  13. Sorry if you get two comments from me but the one I posted yesterday didn’t seem to be here haha. There is some amazing stuff here, I can’t believe the things that will be available. Holograms will be so weird!! #StayClassy

  14. Woah. This is COOL, MAN (though that is a very outdated comment, I know). And also a little bit scary. I sort of wish I could wrestle Enid Blyton and knitting bobbins back into the shops AND THAT’S IT. But I know I can’t and actually, these are all super impressive. Thanks for sharing – what a lot of research and what a brilliant post! #StayClassy

  15. Haha super dope bro! (although I think that’s a different era?) Fail. Aw I love those books, although I only know the really famous ones as I’m from San Francisco. : ) It is a bit sad that more traditional storytelling is somewhat getting lost with all the new technology, maybe we can invent something that would keep the tradition alive?! Thanks for linking up!

  16. I didn’t even realize how much there is out there! And from what I found, there is actually a lot more I just didn’t want to bombard everyone with a list of 20,000 new tech toys. ; ) thanks for linking up!

  17. Yes the chip in the brain scares me as well. Especially because I work in advertising and I would be nervous that evil corporations would implant ideas about buying Barbies and Transformers into our children’s minds!

  18. Absolutely! That would be so cool. I’ll put my thinking cap on … happy Easter! x

  19. Yes that could not only push the ideas but also make them become violate if they wanted to. They have video games about this stuff and I definitely think it could be a possibility.

  20. What a brilliant, interesting post 🙂 It blows my mind how much things can change in the future. The music one looks especially cool, and I’ve actually played with one of those projectors with my son at our local seaside centre so really pleased they are going to be available to all. Thanks for sharing x #stayclassy

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