This week instead of writing a post, I want to ask for your feedback on the #StayClassyMama link party! 

The only way to improve is to ask for feedback, right? 

I have written a few questions below if you’re wondering what the hell you’re supposed to write, or if you’re happy to just free flow, go ahead! We really want to improve the #StayClassyMama community and I thought what better way to do it then to ask the people who link up each week. 

Before you move onto the questions, I want to emphasis how we really, really want HONEST feedback. If you are having a shit time and don’t enjoy coming to this link up, PLEASE TELL US. This is the only way we will be able to make it better. 

So if you could spend two minutes answering the questions below and emailing to us, it would be GREATLY appreciated. We really want to make this an amazing community for everyone so any feedback would be super helpful. (you never know what people are actually thinking!)

  • Do you enjoy coming to the #StayClassyMama link party? 
  • What is one thing you like about #StayClassyMama and one thing you do not like about #StayClassyMama? 
  • If you had to improve one thing about #StayClassyMama what would it be?
  • Are you happy with the commenting from the hosts and the other linkers?
  • Would you be interested in being part of a StayClassyMama Facebook group – a place to share content/ opportunities and advice?
  • We are looking to arrange a blogger meet up in the New Year, for Happy Hour Drinks in London – would this be of interest you?
  • What other blogging groups/ communities are you a part of?
  • Do you feel that these communities are welcoming/ helpful and look to assist and represent you as a blogger?


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7 thoughts on “We would love your feedback on #StayClassyMama linky!”

  1. These are some interesting questions, I will get on and email you a little later. Personally I love the link up but I will give it some serious thought if you think it would help.

  2. Personally I love the linky otherwise I just wouldn’t link up. Its great that you’re genuinely interested in peoples feedback though. I will try to remember to do this at some point over the weekend.

    As always, thanks for hosting #stayclassymama

  3. Yay! Glad you’re enjoying the linky. Thanks for commenting would love feedback if you have time!

  4. I love this linky, even thought I’ve only recently joined in. I think it’s easy to comment on other posts because generally they’re interesting and funny it’s not difficult to relate to other bloggers, I find with some other linkys I’m sat there for twenty minutes thinking ‘well wtf can you say to that?’. I virtually need reminding to put my underwear on so the reminders are important, and I love the idea of a meet but I think the logistics for me would be challenging. Thanks! #StayClassyMama

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