Oh how simple life was without a baby. I wouldn’t actually say we had a ‘holiday,’ I would rather call it a shift in work responsibilities. Instead of leading a meeting about some topic or another, I was dealing with poo explosions at the airport. Whilst the holiday was a nice break from my actual job, the work involved in 24/7 baby-ing is intense. 

Not to mention that our flight to Spain (..our first flight with a baby may I add..) was delayed eight hours, one hour we spent sitting on the flight dealing with a screaming baby and his second poo explosion while my boyfriend was extremely ill (the baby, my Dad and I all got sick two days later), which means I had to take care of Bear (without a pram) for seven hours in the airport. No sleep. Crying. Very stressed out Mum. Pulling hair out and shouting.

OH and our flight back home was ALSO delayed and diverted to another airport so we had to take a two hour bus to THAT airport, wait another three hours and finally board the plane at 3am. The flight finally arrived at Gatwick at 7am and I started work at 9:30am!

Did I mention that we had a baby with us the whole time? 

Anyway, it feels like I am complaining a lot but to be honest the last few weeks have been really rough, there will be a happy post soon…. To be fair, I had a very lovely time in Spain and I am so grateful that I was able to spend some quality time with my Dad (he just moved there). Actually, the video I created of our trip really made me smile. All in all our first family trip was a success (minus the plane rides).

Here is a video of our first family holiday:

Disclaimer: my iPhone had sound issues on some of my videos so (fortunately for you) there are not many of me talking to the camera.


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25 thoughts on “When a Baby Goes with You on Holiday”

  1. An 8 hour delay? If that happened to me sans child I would just get pissed, with child, I would likely go insane. Glad you had a good holiday though lovely. #stayclassy

  2. Omg luck really wasn’t on your side !. We are yet to take my daughter on holiday . Hope it starts better than this sorry ! #stayclassymama

  3. Oh it sounds like it was a nightmare getting to and from your holiday and what a disaster with the formula exploding all over your clothes. Looks like you had a fab time though! Love your Dad’s talk about symbols – haha 🙂 #stayclassymama

  4. Holidays with a baby are sooooo very different aren’t they?! Our summer holiday was very different to previous holidays due to constantly needing to watch the baby who hated the sun and heat. Nap time was a godsend!! #stayclassymama

  5. Oh my gosh that sounds awful! I’ll be honest, fear of this happening is exactly why we won’t be going abroad until both boys are far older! they will have to be happy with UK breaks until then! #stayclassymama

  6. #StayClassyMama. Wow what a ride. Looks like you had an amazing holiday despite the mishaps. We are about to endure a 23 hour flight on Monday with our 14 month old. I am feeling a bit anxious about it, but know it will be over soon.

  7. Actually the flight wasn’t that bad, he slept through most of it and everyone was really nice and let us walk around to bounce him to sleep : ). Don’t worry!

  8. an eight hour delay with a baby? that is the absolute worst. you cant really call it a holiday, i dont think, not in any real sense of the word – a change of scene but not a holiday.

  9. I feel you on every front! I just did a 24hr travel time to South Africa. 24 hrs there and 24 hrs back.. With my 21 month old.. Even though the family time was great. The travelling was hard.. And yes, I cried on the plane. Silly Mama! #stayclassymama

  10. Oh man – a delay that long is awful WITHOUT a baby – I can’t imagine it with one. Plus poo. And no pram/baby carrier. FFS. At least Spain looked sunny and gorgeous anyway. But you’re right – a holiday with a baby isn’t really a holiday. It’s just entertaining them in a different place, hopefully with a bit more sun.

    (The Popple does the exact same thing when she touches sand, BTW.)


  11. 8 hour delay? Oh sweet jesus, I would have lost the plot! My Valium would have well worn off by that point and I’d be clawing at the walls!! Looks like you had an amazing time despite the airport dramas. #stayclassymama

  12. And you call that a holiday?! I thought that I had it rough with 4 teens in Spain, but really? Your partner cheered up half way through the video – did he discover the cheap wine?! Actually, when you blank out the rough bits: the flights – dreadful and the milk, it actually looks like you had a pretty good time. I would like to say that it gets better…Alison x #stayclassymama

  13. I had spent a month carting around a ‘change of clothes’ for the baby ‘just incase’ and never used them, so for the 39 hour flight home I didn’t bother – poo explosion in Heathrow. You can’t by spare pants there. Not even in Prada. Had to buy a tourist teeshirt long enough like a dress….#Stayclassymama

  14. Hahah that’s so funny I wonder what it is about the sand that makes them clap their little hand ? So cute that part of the trip made me happy

  15. Glad you managed to have a good time. Dreading my holiday with baby and outlaws. Why do they insist on eating stones? They must realise they don’t taste nice?! #StayClassyMama

  16. Omg you poor thing. No wonder people are so scared to travel with kids! Looks like you had fun though. Lol to H eating the stones on the beach. Why do they do that? #stayclassymama

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