As the notorious Dylan would day, “Oh how the times are a changin’.”




I love looking back at my mom’s old photos when she was my age and seeing her poofy permed hair, big shoulder pads and red nails (..that she still wears to this day..) heading off to her job in the city. It’s strange, the photos make me feel nostalgic for a time that I didn’t even experience.

Funnily enough, a lot of women’s work fashion in 2016 is inspired by our mums. 


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51% Laura Ashley, Reiss Jessica Maxi Dress

imageproxy (5)

49% Laura Ashley, Reiss Arizona Shirt Dress


20% off French Connection, Milo Melton Coat Light Greyimageproxy (3)
60% off French Connection

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46% off Ralph Lauren, Reiss Hex Women’s Textured Skirt

The times have changed but only slightly and I love it!

Since returning to work from mat leave I’ve realised that I’ve had also had to make a change. Not only mentally, you know, from baby world to work world, but also in wardrobe because, surprise surprise, I have lost a bit of weight! I also want to be viewed as a chic and successful manager, rather than a snot-infested, cereal-haired new mum ; ). The only problem is that I do not have the dolla bills I used to have pre-baby, but I found these amazing sales that have some of my favourite brands like French Connection. They have the perfect selection of chic work clothes that don’t hurt my bank account. My wallet is much happier and my bum feels much sleeker. Win win. 

Hopefully one day my future daughter can look back at my photos and feel nostalgic for a time she hadn’t experienced. (…if I have another baby that’s a girl which at this moment is feeling like a big fat NO ; )…. )


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9 thoughts on “Women’s Work Fashion: Now VS Then”

  1. In love with the black short dress and that coat from French Connection! Oh and I love the glamour of those older photos – so elegant. Enjoy your work wardrobe building and I am certain your future daughter will love too my lovely #BigPinkLink

  2. It’s funny isn’t it how the fashions just keep coming round again and I know I am getting old when I recognise one from my own youth. I think for work you can’t go wrong with a few classic staples as the foundation of your wardrobe and then build from there. There are so many great online sales too to pick up a few bargains. Good luck going back. #bigpinklink

  3. Fashion seems to be on an endless loop! I love it when certain patterns crop up with a lovely retro feel and I also love spotting real retro items, although I find that the fabric quality isn’t anywhere near as good as nowadays. Hope work is going well. Thanks for joining in with the #bigpinklink

  4. Oh I am with you here, these were my thoughts this week…I’m so bloody mumsy instead of looking professional! I need to invest in a few pieces too and I love these, particularly the Reiss number at the top, though I am in love with that shop generally xx #bigpinklink

  5. I love the style and elegance of the ladies in the first photo. It has taken me until receently to realise that A-line skirts are my friend, although I have to admit loving the Reiss black shirt dress as I am still drawn to this style. Having said that the retro photo’s show just how great us ladies look with a bit of colour! I am sure you are well settled in at work at this stage and hope you have been able to enjoy a little shopping for yourself ( and yes I do mean for you and not your precious little one!).

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