I never thought that I would be living more than 5,000 miles away from my family, let alone be pregnant and unmarried (sorry God). Career, marriage then baby isn’t really happening in that order. While the career thing is going well, I had always planned to be at the very least Vice President of Google before having a baby. Damn it! ; ) So this is My Version of ‘Knocked Up’.

When I found out I was pregnant, I decided that I wanted to embrace life for what it is, a big surprise! No more partying for me…..well, maybe a little beer pong here and there. Since becoming a mother, I’ve realised that the unexpected moments are what make life what life is.

And thus, The Mum Project was created to record these moments and have something I can look back on and, well, smile.

Along the way, I hope to connect and learning from other Mums and hopefully help them along their journey as well. Topics to be covered: Mum life, work-life balance, breastfeeding, intimacy, relationships, expat life, pregnancy, music and much more.

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