As soon as they see your belly, most people will strike you with some out-dated advice on how to protect yourself during pregnancy. While many will advise you to get rid of your beauty and cleaning products, stop going to the gym and even stop having sex, our humble advice is: inform yourself before you take any ridiculous advice into consideration.

As bad as throwing away your beauty products and not having sex may sound, undoubtedly you’ll find the ‘don’t clean’ piece of advice quite appealing. You may be hoping that your gynaecologist will write you a prescription for free domestic cleaning services the minute he informs you that you’re pregnant – this just won’t happen, girl! It’s perfectly fine for you to clean even during pregnancy. However, there are some things you’re not only advised, but also required to avoid when cleaning. And that’s why Tidy Cleaning Croydon decided to gather the top do’s and don’ts: cleaning tips during pregnancy. And they are all based on myths, too!


  1. Always read the labels. Even though most cleaning products are declared safe for use even while you’re pregnant, you should read the labels anyway. Avoid anything that reads ‘toxic’ as those products may have strong fumes which can cause nausea, headaches and even breathing difficulties.
  1. Make your own cleaning products. My personal advice is always to opt to homemade cleaning products, even if you’re not pregnant. They are cheaper than market-bought detergents, contain no hazardous chemicals and yet are just as efficient as market-bought ones. Moreover, homemade cleaning products are environmentally-friendly, and that’s another good reason for you to prefer them.
  1. Use protection gloves. Whichever cleaning product you’re using – homemade or not, it’s best if you used gloves because your skin is prone to irritation during pregnancy as your immune system weakens.
  1. Open windows. Always clean in well-ventilated areas because any strong fumes, and sometimes even weak fumes as well, can make you sick. If you’re unable to open a window, turn the fan on – it’s still something.
  1. Hire a professional assistant. Yes, we know we said it’s fine to clean during pregnancy but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t need help at some point. Our advice is to book a professional assistant to help you clean during the last trimester. Or, you can always ask your husband for help if you prefer the wallet-friendly option.



  1. Don’t mix different chemicals. Mixing a number of different detergents like ammonia and bleach, for example, is not only an ineffective cleaning technique, but a dangerous one as well. Even though the fumes of ammonia and bleach are not toxic when they are separate, combined they are quite toxic.
  1. Don’t clean the oven. As I said, whenever you clean, you need to make sure the place you’re cleaning is well-ventilated. And there’s just no way to provide your oven with a proper ventilation, is there? That’s why it’s best to rely on professionals to keep your oven in a spic and span condition (their detergents are better, anyway).
  1. Never clean the litter box. Cat feces may contain a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii which may cause Toxoplasmosis, and that’s not some simple harmless parasitic infection, believe me. The cat itself isn’t dangerous, so petting it is permissible.
  1. Don’t paint the room of the baby yourself. No matter what the label of the paint reads, you’re not the one to paint the room of the baby. The fumes from the paint may cause nausea and that’s why you should let the dad do something, too.
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