I’m a sucker for personality quizzes.

Just this month I have taken, “which disney prince is your soul mate?” or “which song would you walk down the aisle to at your wedding?” or my all time favourite, “which backstreet boys member is your one true love?” Of course my one true love was good boy, Brian. ; ) (I think if I took this quiz five years ago I would have had “bad boy” AJ…. priorities change after having kids)

During my month of extravagant quiz taking I have started to notice that the woman in my office have started wearing flats over boots. The sun has finally arrived! I pulled out my flats from summer and realised they are all (1) out of season and (2) completely broken and dirty, they look like I had been trudging through the Amazon.

So in true personality-quiz-form, I have pulled together Spring Season 2017 most trendy flats and the mum personality that I think encapsulates their flare. 

Classic and Clean

This mum is pure elegance. She walks, talks and glides through the grocery store as if she is being carried on Aladdin’s carpet. She effortlessly puts on her classic black and white flat with the rounded nose and strolls out the door with her happy child in hand, laughing in joy, as the breeze flows through her gorgeous brown locks. She has a calm aura about her which makes other people feel at ease when they speak to her. She always has a hanky on hand, and gives advice but only when asked. She is well-liked around the community, and owns her own business while still managing to get dinner on the table for the family. 

classic and clean

Chilly Milly

You can often find this mum shopping at Whole Foods. While singing to her own tune she mops the floor with organic coconut oil. She works at a creative agency part-time and does wedding photography as a side business. Her children eat mostly organic food however when she doesn’t have the time to make anything she will deviate from this. Her house is messy but in a brilliantly authentic way that makes it feel homely. On the weekends she takes her children on hikes and lets them explore nature. 


Down with the Cool Kids

A “bad mum” at heart who walks on the wild side. She is cool without trying to be cool. She doesn’t care about making the bed because who has time for that anyway? She is single with a child but manages to pull everything together, maybe not always perfectly but she gets it done. She is a consultant by trade and always has an answer for everything (even if it’s not always right). She’s fair and light-hearted, and loves a big glass of wine at the end of the day.


Sporty and Raving To Go

This mum is always on the move. If she isn’t at a PTA meeting, she is playing tennis or working out to a YouTube FIIT video. Her only down time is between the hours of 10pm and 11pm at night where she reads a book or scrolls through Twitter. She is outgoing and positive, she loves a good laugh! She is the “party planner” of the group because she is highly organised and knows the best shops to go to for cake, wine and balloons. This is your go-to-girl when you need a little motivation. She has got her sh** together.



Susie Q

This mum is more traditional. Since the age of five, she has always dreamed of the perfect white wedding with a Ken-like husband, two kids and a golden retriever. Although her dreams may not have panned out exactly how she had planned, she is truly happy being a mum with (three kids now) and a labradoodle. She is open-minded (to a degree) and introverted. Although she may be introverted, she loves to meet with her two best friends for coffee and have a chat. You can also find her writing in her journal or listening to music. She is realistic with her goals, although she may come across as “square” she loves to think outside the box because she believes this helps her grow as a person. 


Okay, hopefully this gave you a little insight into the latest trends for Spring and maybe even the kind of mum you think you are! (although to be fair, the personalities here are more extreme, I would say I am a combination of Chilly Milly and Classic mum, I kind of wish I was the cool one but I’m probably not  ; ))

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